1. Revolt of 1857 begun at Meerut near Delhi onClick to Get Answer
  2. Who led the Revolt of 1857 at KanpurClick to Get Answer
  3. Where did Kunwar Singh led the revolt raised in 1857Click to Get Answer
  4. The leader who adopted guerilla tactics in the great revolt of 1857Click to Get Answer
  5. The author of 1857 The Great Rebellion’Click to Get Answer
  6. The revolt of 1857 was described as the first Indian war of Independence byClick to Get Answer
  7. In which year East India regime came to an end in IndiaClick to Get Answer
  8. The symbol used to make people aware of the first war of IndependenceClick to Get Answer
  9. By which Act, the administration of India was taken over by British crown from the East India CompanyClick to Get Answer
  10. The representative of the crown in India came to be called as ‘Viceroy’ instead of ‘Governor General’ fromClick to Get Answer
  11. Who was the last Governor General of India under English East India CompanyClick to Get Answer
  12. The first Martyr of 1857 revoltClick to Get Answer
  13. Who was the Governor General of India during the time of the Revolt of 1857Click to Get Answer
  14. The state Jhansi was made a part of the British Empire in India throughClick to Get Answer
  15. Begum Hazrat Mahal led the 1857 revolt fromClick to Get Answer
  16. Who was the Nawab when Dalhousie annexed Awadh in 1856Click to Get Answer
  17. ‘Which British person admitted the Revolt of 1857 was transfer to ppower fromClick to Get Answer
  18. The leader of the British army against Laxmi Bai at JhansiClick to Get Answer
  19. What was the immediate cause of the Revolt of 1857Click to Get Answer
  20. Bahadur Shah II was arrested and sent to which place during the revolt of 1857Click to Get Answer
  21. Who was the emperor of British at the time of 1857 revoltClick to Get Answer
  22. Who said 1857 Revolt is neither first nor national war of independenceClick to Get Answer
  23. /Who was the Sergeant shot dead by Mangal PandeyClick to Get Answer
  24. Which commission is associated with the Army Reorganization after the suppression of the revolt of 1857Click to Get Answer
  25. The novel based on the revolt of 1857 ‘Amruthum Thedi’ was written byClick to Get Answer
  26. Who stated about the Revolt that, “it was a feudal outburst headed by feudal chiefs”Click to Get Answer
  27. Which British official captured Delhi on 20th September 1857Click to Get Answer
  28. Who defended Nana Saheb’s forces till 26th June 1857Click to Get Answer
  29. Who was the commander of te forces of Nana SahibClick to Get Answer
  30. Who defeated Nana Saheb’s forces on 17th July 1857Click to Get Answer
  31. The British army officer who recaptured Allahabad and Benarus in June 1857Click to Get Answer
  32. Which part of the Indian constitution is called as key stone of the constitutionClick to Get Answer
  33. World day against child labourClick to Get Answer
  34. Which writ is literally means ‘by what authorityClick to Get Answer
  35. Which part of the Indian constitution deals with directive principles of state policyClick to Get Answer
  36. The idea of Directive Principle has been taken from the constitution ofClick to Get Answer
  37. Directive Principles are contained in Articles fromClick to Get Answer
  38. The directive principles aims to establishClick to Get Answer
  39. What is known as the instrument of instructionClick to Get Answer
  40. Who described directive principles as the novel feature of the Indian constitutionClick to Get Answer
  41. Which article deals with the idea of free legal aidClick to Get Answer
  42. Which article deals with organisation of village PanchayatsClick to Get Answer
  43. Which article deals with Uniform Civil CodeClick to Get Answer
  44. Name the state which adopted Uniform Civil Code in IndiaClick to Get Answer
  45. Promotion of international peace and security is entitled inClick to Get Answer
  46. The Fundamental Duties were added to the constitution in which yearClick to Get Answer
  47. Fundamental duties has been inserted in the constitution through which amendmentClick to Get Answer
  48. Which article of the Indian Constitution deals with fundamental dutiesClick to Get Answer
  49. The idea of Fundamental duties were borrowed fromClick to Get Answer
  50. Which committee advocated the Fundamental duties in the Indian ConstitutionClick to Get Answer
  51. At present how many fundamental duties are there in the constitution of IndiaClick to Get Answer
  52. Which constitutional Amendment Act was passed to provide compulsory education to children between 6 and 14 yearsClick to Get Answer
  53. Part V of the constitution deals withClick to Get Answer
  54. The article that says there shall be a President of IndiaClick to Get Answer
  55. What is the minimum age for the eligibility to be a Presidential candidateClick to Get Answer
  56. What is the official term of the President’s officeClick to Get Answer
  57. Who participates in the Presidential electionClick to Get Answer
  58. The President can be removed from office by the process of impeachment under articleClick to Get Answer
  59. The idea of impeachment of the President under Indian constitution is taken from the constitution ofClick to Get Answer
  60. Which article of the constitution empowers the President to promulgate ordinancesClick to Get Answer
  61. The president can nominate how many members to the RajyasabhaClick to Get Answer
  62. Who appoints the Chief of Army, Navy and AirforceClick to Get Answer
  63. The oath of the President is administered by theClick to Get Answer
  64. The maximum life of an ordinance can beClick to Get Answer
  65. The President can grand pardon under which articleClick to Get Answer
  66. Which article deals with Proclamation of National EmergencyClick to Get Answer
  67. Who is the only President to have served for two consecutive termsClick to Get Answer
  68. The first national emergency was proclaimed byClick to Get Answer
  69. The first President to use pocket vetoClick to Get Answer
  70. Who can address the Parliament being a non-memberClick to Get Answer
  71. House of people in India is commonly known asClick to Get Answer
  72. Which amendment raised the strength of Lok Sabha to 545Click to Get Answer
  73. Dowry prohibition Act was passed by the Parliament inClick to Get Answer
  74. Indian constitution has made provision for joint sitting of Parliament underClick to Get Answer
  75. Who was the first speaker of Indian ParliamentClick to Get Answer
  76. The joint session of the both houses of Parliament is presided over byClick to Get Answer
  77. Which amendment of the constitution of India deleted the right to property form the list of Fundamental RightsClick to Get Answer
  78. In which year, Preamble of the Indian Constitution amendedClick to Get Answer
  79. Minimum Age to became Governor of a stateClick to Get Answer
  80. Who is the chairman of Rajya SabhaClick to Get Answer
  81. Right to information Act came into force on Click to Get Answer
  82. First state in India to pass RTI ActClick to Get Answer
  83. When was the Pocso Act passedClick to Get Answer
  84. The allotment of seats in the Rajyasabha form states and Union Territories has been given in which schedule of the constitutionClick to Get Answer
  85. The maximum gap between two session of ParliamentClick to Get Answer
  86. Who wrote the book ‘My Presidential years’Click to Get Answer
  87. The National Commission for women in India was formed in the yearClick to Get Answer
  88. The 73rd Amendment of the Indian constitution deals withClick to Get Answer
  89. Who was the First Chief Justice of the Supreme CourtClick to Get Answer
  90. Kerala State Human Rights Commission was constituted onClick to Get Answer
  91. Which article provides Right to educationClick to Get Answer
  92. Kerala Women’s Commission came into force onClick to Get Answer
  93. Which is the largest pass of the Western GhatsClick to Get Answer
  94. Which districts are connected by the Palghat GapClick to Get Answer
  95. What is the average width of the Palghat GapClick to Get Answer
  96. Which National Highway is passing through the Palghat GapClick to Get Answer
  97. Which railway line is passing through the Palghat GapClick to Get Answer
  98. Which major river of Kerala flows through the Palghat gapClick to Get Answer
  99. Which places are connected by the Aryankavu PassClick to Get Answer
  100. Which National Highway passes through the Aryankavu PassClick to Get Answer
  101. Which mountain pass connects Kozhikode and Wayanad districtsClick to Get Answer
  102. Which National Highway is passing through the Thamarassery ChuramClick to Get Answer
  103. Thamarassery Churam comes under the limit of which districtClick to Get Answer
  104. Which tribal leader of the Paniya tribe helped to find out the Thamarassery ChuramClick to Get Answer
  105. Which mountain pass connects Kannur district with Coorg (Karnataka)Click to Get Answer
  106. Which mountain pass connects Idukki with Madurai (TamilNadu)Click to Get Answer
  107. Which mountain pass connects Thiruvananthapuram and TirunelveliClick to Get Answer
  108. What is the other name of the State Highway number-1Click to Get Answer
  109. Which are the places connected by the Main Central RoadClick to Get Answer
  110. What is the length of the Main Central RoadClick to Get Answer
  111. Which state Highway is also known as main Eastern HighwayClick to Get Answer
  112. Which places are connected by the SH-08Click to Get Answer
  113. Which is the smallest Stae Highway of KeralaClick to Get Answer
  114. Which is the only research institute under the Kerala Public Works DepartmentClick to Get Answer
  115. In which year was the Kerala Highway Research Institute establishedClick to Get Answer
  116. Where is the Kerala Highway Research Institute situatedClick to Get Answer
  117. In which year was the Roads and Bridges Development Corporation of Kerala establishedClick to Get Answer
  118. Moorkkanad bridge connects which districtsClick to Get Answer
  119. Which agency is providing financial assistance to the Kerala State Transport Project (KSTP)Click to Get Answer
  120. In which year was the Kerala Road Fund Board establishedClick to Get Answer
  121. What is the current name of National Highway 17Click to Get Answer
  122. Which places are connected by the NH-66Click to Get Answer
  123. Who declared Thiruvananthapuram Airport as the fifth International Airport of India in 1991Click to Get Answer
  124. Which was the first airport in KeralaClick to Get Answer
  125. Trivandrum airport was established in which yearClick to Get Answer
  126. Which is the first airport in India developed under a public-private partnershipClick to Get Answer
  127. In which year was the Nedumbassery airport openedClick to Get Answer
  128. Which is the busiest and largest airport of KeralaClick to Get Answer
  129. Which is the world’s first fully solar powered airportClick to Get Answer
  130. Who is the ex-officio Chairman of the Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL)Click to Get Answer
  131. In which district is the Calicut International Airport (Karipur Airport) situatedClick to Get Answer
  132. In which year was the Karipur Airport openedClick to Get Answer
  133. In which year, Karipur airport was given International airport statusClick to Get Answer
  134. The Kannur International Airport opened for commercial operations onClick to Get Answer
  135. Where is the Kannur International Airport situatedClick to Get Answer
  136. Which is the second airport in Kerala to be built on a public-private partnershipClick to Get Answer
  137. Who is the Chairman of the Kannur International Airport Limited (KIAL)Click to Get Answer
  138. Who was the chief harbor engineer behind the development of the Cochin PortClick to Get Answer
  139. Which book of Robert Bristow recounts his experiences in KochiClick to Get Answer
  140. In which year was the Cochin Port openedClick to Get Answer
  141. Which island was artificially created with the mud sledged out for the Cochi harbor constructionClick to Get Answer
  142. Which was the first ship to roll out of the Cochin Shipyard in 1981Click to Get Answer
  143. Which are the riverine ports of KeralaClick to Get Answer
  144. The railway operations in Kerala comes under which Railway ZoneClick to Get Answer
  145. Which are the two districts of Kerala not connected by railwayClick to Get Answer
  146. Which two railway divisions of Southern Railway are operating in KeralaClick to Get Answer
  147. Which is the triangular railway station of KeralaClick to Get Answer
  148. Prime Minister of India inaugurated the Kochi Metro onClick to Get Answer
  149. Kochi Metro is India’s ___th metro serviceClick to Get Answer
  150. Name the person who is related to the foundation of the ‘Servants of Mary Immaculate’Click to Get Answer
  151. What was the appeal of Chavara Kuriakose to the societyClick to Get Answer
  152. The first book printed at Mannanam pressClick to Get Answer
  153. Who is known as Father of Literacy in KeralaClick to Get Answer
  154. Where the remains of Chavara Kuriakose is keptClick to Get Answer
  155. Achippudava samaram and the Mookuthi samaram is associated withClick to Get Answer
  156. Chattampi Swamikal was born onClick to Get Answer
  157. The place where Chattambi Swamikal acquired self realizationClick to Get Answer
  158. What was the famous comment by Swami Vivekananda about Chattambi SwamikalClick to Get Answer
  159. Who is known as ‘Saint without Saffron’Click to Get Answer
  160. Who authored the book Jeevakarunya NiroopanamClick to Get Answer
  161. Chattampi Swamikal attained mahasamadhi atClick to Get Answer
  162. The book ‘Treatment of Thiyyas in Travancore’ was written byClick to Get Answer
  163. The founder of Malabar Economic unionClick to Get Answer
  164. Kallumala samaram is also known asClick to Get Answer
  165. The Arabi-Malayalam monthly published by Vakkam Abdul Khadar MoulaviClick to Get Answer
  166. The first session of the Kochi Rajya Praja Mandalam was held atClick to Get Answer
  167. Abstention movement was started in Travancore as a protest againstClick to Get Answer
  168. A.K.Gopalan led the hunger march from Kannur toClick to Get Answer
  169. The Kundara Proclamation was issued onClick to Get Answer
  170. Who described Pazhassi Raja as an extraordinary and singular characterClick to Get Answer
  171. The Janmi-Kutiyan proclamation of Travancore was issued byClick to Get Answer
  172. Who was the author of Islam Matha Sidhantha SamgrahamClick to Get Answer
  173. Based on which uprising Kumaranasan wrote DuravastaClick to Get Answer
  174. ‘Asan Navodhanathinte Kavi’ is written byClick to Get Answer
  175. Who conducted Savarnajatha from Vaikom to TrivandrumClick to Get Answer
  176. The organisation which was formed based on the model of Servants of India SocietyClick to Get Answer
  177. In 1947 Mannam made a remarkable speech called asClick to Get Answer
  178. Who is known as Bharath KesariClick to Get Answer
  179. Autobiography of Mannath PadmanabhanClick to Get Answer
  180. Which editor made this statement “Even if God goes wrong I will report it”Click to Get Answer
  181. Name the Diwan who banned and confiscated the newspaper Swadeshabhimani in 1910Click to Get Answer
  182. Which king of Travancore ordered to deport swadeshabhimaniClick to Get Answer
  183. Poikayil Yohannan was born atClick to Get Answer
  184. Who started Pratyaksha Raksha Daiva Sabha (PRDS)Click to Get Answer
  185. Who wrote JathikkummiClick to Get Answer
  186. Who laid the foundation for Uralunkal Labour contractors co-operative societyClick to Get Answer
  187. Who gave the name Vagbhatananda to V.K.GurukkalClick to Get Answer
  188. Who published the journal VelakkaranClick to Get Answer
  189. The poem Sahodari Kurathi was authored byClick to Get Answer
  190. ‘No Caste, No Religion, No God’ - who saidClick to Get Answer
  191. Who is the founder President of N.S.S.Click to Get Answer
  192. Birth place of C.KesavanClick to Get Answer
  193. Who is related to the “Bhagavan Karl Marx speech”Click to Get Answer
  194. The famous freedom fighter of Kerala who was the grandson of the Raja of PalghatClick to Get Answer
  195. Who was the chief editor of Al-AmeenClick to Get Answer
  196. The newspaper started by T.K.Madhavan in 1915Click to Get Answer
  197. Which Indian born American scientist is known as ‘The Father of Fiber Optics’Click to Get Answer
  198. Who coined the term ‘fibre optics’ in the year 1956Click to Get Answer
  199. What is the full form of E-mailClick to Get Answer
  200. Which American computer programer invented email in 1971Click to Get Answer
  201. Which English computer scientist is known as the inventor of the World Wide WebClick to Get Answer
  202. Which American scientist is known as the father of InternetClick to Get Answer
  203. Which American scientist is knowns as ‘the Father of the Personal Computer’Click to Get Answer
  204. Who is known as ‘the father of Supercomputing’Click to Get Answer
  205. Who invented the computer mouseClick to Get Answer
  206. A set of instruction that directs the computer to process information is calledClick to Get Answer
  207. What is the name of the software designed to operate and control the computer hardware and to provide a platform for running application softwareClick to Get Answer
  208. Which are the two parts of the system softwareClick to Get Answer
  209. What is the most important software that runs on a computerClick to Get Answer
  210. _____ manages the computer’s memory, process and all of its software and hardwareClick to Get Answer
  211. What is DOSClick to Get Answer
  212. A single user, single tasking operating system with basic Kernel’s functions and only one program at a time can run on it is calledClick to Get Answer
  213. Which company’s graphical operating system is Mac OSClick to Get Answer
  214. Which company developed the operating system WindowsClick to Get Answer
  215. Which is an operating system based on Linux kernel and designed primarily for touch screen mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computersClick to Get Answer
  216. Initially developed by Android Inc, which company bought the Android operating system in 2005Click to Get Answer
  217. What translate the symbolic codes of programs of assembly language into machine languageClick to Get Answer
  218. Which program translates whole source program written in some high level language into machine code at a timeClick to Get Answer
  219. What is the name of the program that executes the instructions written in a high level language into machine code as line by line instructionsClick to Get Answer
  220. What is the name of the software which help to maintain and control computer resourcesClick to Get Answer
  221. A user defined specific of computer software that employs the capabilities of a computer directly to a task that the user wishes to perform is calledClick to Get Answer
  222. Antivirus software, Disk tools and Backup software are the examples of which softwareClick to Get Answer
  223. MS Office, Excel and Power Point are examples of which softwareClick to Get Answer
  224. Which type of software are sometimes known as off-the- shelf softwareClick to Get Answer
  225. What is the name of the computer network covering a small physical area (1km or less)Click to Get Answer
  226. A larger computer network that usually spans a city or a larger campus (5 to 15 km) is known asClick to Get Answer
  227. What is the name of the computer network that covers a broad area (cross metropolitan or regional boundaries)Click to Get Answer
  228. What is the name of the technology for using internet or another intermediate network to connect computers to isolated remote computer networksClick to Get Answer
  229. What is the global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardised communication protocolsClick to Get Answer
  230. Which network later became the basis for the InternetClick to Get Answer
  231. In which year was the Internet services launched in IndiaClick to Get Answer
  232. Which telecom company was the first to provide Internet services in IndiaClick to Get Answer
  233. Which command is given to reboot the computerClick to Get Answer
  234. In windows the key combination to close a window isClick to Get Answer
  235. What is the short cut key to open the open dialogue boxClick to Get Answer
  236. What is the fullform of MPEGClick to Get Answer
  237. JPEG stands forClick to Get Answer
  238. PDF stands forClick to Get Answer
  239. Which file format is used to represent document in a manner independent of application software, hardware and operating systemsClick to Get Answer
  240. __ is used for coding audio-visual information in a digital compressed formatClick to Get Answer
  241. TIFF stands forClick to Get Answer
  242. What is the fullform of GIFClick to Get Answer
  243. Which union territory has its territorial areas spread in three statesClick to Get Answer
  244. The famous Jogeshwari Cave is located inClick to Get Answer
  245. The second backward class commission is headed byClick to Get Answer
  246. The city known as Queen of the Deccan isClick to Get Answer
  247. The Tallest national flag in India is situated inClick to Get Answer
  248. The Dhola-Sadiya Bridge, also referred to as the Bhupen Hazarika Setu is built acrossClick to Get Answer
  249. Sanjay Gandhi National Park is situated inClick to Get Answer
  250. Who established the newspaper National HeraldClick to Get Answer
  251. Who was the first English President of the Indian National CongressClick to Get Answer
  252. Provincial Autonomy was one of the important features ofClick to Get Answer
  253. Which day was declared as the ‘Direct Action Day’ by the Muslim LeagueClick to Get Answer
  254. The Indian Councils Act of 1909 is also known asClick to Get Answer
  255. Name the social reformer related to ‘Muthira Kinar’Click to Get Answer
  256. Who authored ‘Dhruvacharitham’Click to Get Answer
  257. Who founded ‘Balaprabodhini Sankrit Patasala’Click to Get Answer
  258. Who was the exponent of Pacha Malayalam MovementClick to Get Answer
  259. At which place Sree Narayana Guru established Thiruppatheeswara templeClick to Get Answer
  260. Mannath Padmanabhan delivered the famous Muthukulam Speech in which yearClick to Get Answer
  261. The women who bravely faced police during the Malabar revoltClick to Get Answer
  262. Who founded English School at Mattancheri in 1818Click to Get Answer
  263. Author of the book ‘Chorayum Kanneerum Nananja Vazhikal’Click to Get Answer
  264. Who authored ‘1114-nte Katha’Click to Get Answer
  265. Under whose leadership Kochi Rajya Prajamandalam was formed in 1941Click to Get Answer
  266. Who was the main leader of salt satyagraha in Kerala, which was organised as a part of Civil Disobedience movementClick to Get Answer
  267. Kayyur strike was inClick to Get Answer
  268. The year in which Sree Narayana Guru gave the message ‘One caste, one religion, one god for man’ at a conference held at ‘Adwaithasramam’Click to Get Answer
  269. Who was appointed in 1934 to examine the matter of appointment to Government Services in TravancoreClick to Get Answer
  270. Who was the first secretary of the SNDP Yogam, formed in 1903Click to Get Answer
  271. In which year Rabindranath Tagore visited Sree Narayana Guru at SivagiriClick to Get Answer
  272. Who wrote a book on ‘Karl Marx’ in 1912Click to Get Answer
  273. Who wrote ‘Dhyanasallapangal’Click to Get Answer
  274. Who wrote the book ‘Purushanmar Illatha Lokam’Click to Get Answer
  275. ‘Purogamana Sahitya Prathanam’ was formed inClick to Get Answer
  276. Who led ‘Achippudava samaram’Click to Get Answer
  277. Who submitted counter petition against Malayali MemorialClick to Get Answer
  278. Who was the General Secretary of Travancore Defence CommitteeClick to Get Answer
  279. Based on whose life, the drama ‘Thozhil Kendrathilekk’ was writtenClick to Get Answer
  280. In which year Gandhiji and Ayyankali metClick to Get Answer
  281. In which year Jnanodayam Sabha was foundedClick to Get Answer
  282. Who authored ‘Vichara Viplavam’Click to Get Answer
  283. Who launched the publication Sadhujana DothanClick to Get Answer
  284. Who was known as the ‘Martin Luther of Kerala’Click to Get Answer
  285. Where did Benjamin Bailey established printing pressClick to Get Answer
  286. The social reformer who met Gandhiji at NeyyattinkaraClick to Get Answer
  287. Vaikunda Swami proclaimed himself as an incarnation of which deityClick to Get Answer
  288. Who established the first English School at Southern TravancoreClick to Get Answer
  289. Who wrote the book ‘Benjamin Franklin’ in MalayalamClick to Get Answer
  290. Who founded Maha Bodhi Mission at KozhikodeClick to Get Answer
  291. Who started a branch of Theosophical Society at KozhikodeClick to Get Answer
  292. Who took initiative to establish Antharjana Samajam at ChettupuzhaClick to Get Answer
  293. Who was known as the first martyr of Kerala renaissanceClick to Get Answer
  294. Who was the founder President of Mahila Deshasevika Sangham established at KozhikodeClick to Get Answer
  295. The novel by Kesavdev based on the background of partition of IndiaClick to Get Answer
  296. Who led ‘Mukkuthi Agitation’Click to Get Answer
  297. Who was known as ‘Kali’ in childhoodClick to Get Answer
  298. Who translated Rubaiyat by Omar Khayyan into Malayalam with the title ‘Vilasalahari’Click to Get Answer
  299. Which scheme is an initiative of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan to prepare physical health and fitness profile card for studentsClick to Get Answer
  300. Which scheme was launched to the care facilities for pregnant women, especially the poorClick to Get Answer
  301. In which year was the Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritva Abhiyan launchedClick to Get Answer
  302. Which scheme of the Central Government is known as ‘Saubhagya’Click to Get Answer
  303. In which year was the Saubhagya Yojana launchedClick to Get Answer
  304. Which scheme is aimed at providing electricity to all households in India by December 2018Click to Get Answer
  305. Which scheme aims to ensure 24*7 power for allClick to Get Answer
  306. In which year was the Integrated Power Development scheme launchedClick to Get Answer
  307. Which scheme of the India government is also known as ‘Prakash Path (Way to Light)’Click to Get Answer
  308. In which year was the National LED Programme launchedClick to Get Answer
  309. Which scheme was launched to obtain operational and financial turn around of State-owned Power Distribution Companies (DISCOMs)Click to Get Answer
  310. In which year was the UDAY scheme launchedClick to Get Answer
  311. Which scheme aims to distribute free LPG connections to the women belonging to 5 crores BPL families across the countryClick to Get Answer
  312. In which year was the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana launchedClick to Get Answer
  313. Which scheme aims to provide subsidy to farmers for setting up of solar power plants on their barren landClick to Get Answer
  314. Which scheme is aiming to manage and convert cattle dung and solid wastes in farms to compost, biogas and bio CNGClick to Get Answer
  315. What is the aim of Central Government’s NABH Nariman SchemeClick to Get Answer
  316. Which scheme was introduced to connect 56 unserved airports and 31 unserved helipads across the countryClick to Get Answer
  317. Which scheme was introduced to develop world-class tourism infrastructureClick to Get Answer
  318. In which year was the Swadesh Darshan Yojana launchedClick to Get Answer
  319. As part of which scheme is theme based tourism circuits identified for infrastructure developmentClick to Get Answer
  320. Which scheme aims to develop world class tourism infrastructure in spiritual centresClick to Get Answer
  321. Which scheme was inaugurated by the President of India on the World Tourism Day (September 27), 2017Click to Get Answer
  322. In which year was the ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ Yojana launchedClick to Get Answer
  323. Which scheme was launched to consolidate information of Labour Inspection and its enforcement through a unified web portalClick to Get Answer
  324. In which year was the PDUSJY launchedClick to Get Answer
  325. Which scheme was launched to identify sporting talent among students in the age group 8 - 12 yearsClick to Get Answer
  326. In which year was the National Sports Talent Search Scheme launchedClick to Get Answer
  327. Which scheme has been acknowledged as the world’s largest cash transfer program (households) by the Guinness Book of World RecordsClick to Get Answer
  328. The objective of which scheme is to send the subsidy money of LPG cylinders directly into the bank accounts of the consumersClick to Get Answer
  329. In which year was the PAHAL Scheme extended nationwideClick to Get Answer
  330. Which scheme was launched to safeguard health, environment and economic conditions of the tribal people affected by mining-related issuesClick to Get Answer
  331. In which year was the Pradhan Mantri Khanij Kshetra Kalyan Yojana launchedClick to Get Answer
  332. Which scheme was launched with the objective to free all national highways form railway level crossings and renovate the old bridges on national highways by 2019Click to Get Answer
  333. In which year was the Setu Bharatam Project launchedClick to Get Answer
  334. Which scheme was introduced for providing unemployment allowance to workers rendered jobless due to the changing employment patternClick to Get Answer
  335. Which scheme was launched to ensure the conservation of high Himalayan ecosystemClick to Get Answer
  336. In which year was the Secure Himalaya project launchedClick to Get Answer
  337. In which year was the Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) introducedClick to Get Answer
  338. Which programme was aimed to provide useful and relevant elementary education for all children in the 6-14 age groupClick to Get Answer
  339. In which year was the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan scheme launchedClick to Get Answer
  340. In which year the Right to Education Act came into forceClick to Get Answer
  341. Which programme was popularly called ‘Mid-Day Meal Scheme’Click to Get Answer
  342. In which year was the Mid-Day Meal Scheme formally launched Click to Get Answer
  343. Which programme was launched in March 2009 for improving the quality of secondary education in the countryClick to Get Answer
  344. What is the popular name of the Rajeev Gandhi Scheme for Empowerment of Adolescent GirlsClick to Get Answer
  345. First cyber police station in India started atClick to Get Answer
  346. World computer literacy dayClick to Get Answer
  347. A ‘Menu’ contains a list ofClick to Get Answer
  348. Unsolicited commercial email is commonly known asClick to Get Answer
  349. Creation of email messages with a forged sender addressClick to Get Answer
  350. Sending of massive volumes of email to a specific e-mail address for abuses is calledClick to Get Answer
  351. Full form of ICANNClick to Get Answer
  352. First fully Wi-Fi enabled municipality in IndiaClick to Get Answer
  353. Who developed LISP languageClick to Get Answer
  354. Graphical representation of a computer programClick to Get Answer
  355. The first known use of the word “computer” was in 1613 in a book called The Yong Mans Gleanings by English writerClick to Get Answer
  356. Author of the book ‘Passage from the Life of a Philosopher’Click to Get Answer
  357. Who invented the first mechanical calculatorClick to Get Answer
  358. Who invented Jacquard LoomClick to Get Answer
  359. Father of Computer ScienceClick to Get Answer
  360. World’s first computer programmerClick to Get Answer
  361. Who invented ‘Analytical Engine’Click to Get Answer
  362. Who wrote the book ‘Computing Machinery and Intelligence’Click to Get Answer
  363. First electronic ComputerClick to Get Answer
  364. First Wi-Fi enabled train in IndiaClick to Get Answer
  365. India passed the IT Act 2000 and notified it for effectiveness onClick to Get Answer
  366. Loosely organized groups of Internet criminals are called asClick to Get Answer
  367. _____ is the practice and study of Hiding InformationClick to Get Answer
  368. Feeling guilty or defensive about our internet use is symptom ofClick to Get Answer
  369. Making distributing and selling the software copies those are fake, known asClick to Get Answer
  370. Which memory is known as ‘work area of a computer’Click to Get Answer
  371. Storage capacity of a Floppy DiskClick to Get Answer
  372. Who discovered CD ROMClick to Get Answer
  373. A Computer program that is used to convert an assembly language to machine language isClick to Get Answer
  374. Data going into the computer is calledClick to Get Answer
  375. Obtaining credit cards and loans in someone else’s name or someone wrongfully obtains and uses another person’s personal dataClick to Get Answer
  376. Where was India’s first computer installedClick to Get Answer
  377. The default font available in MS WORD isClick to Get Answer
  378. Unauthorized access of a computer system and networksClick to Get Answer
  379. The social network Facebook was founded byClick to Get Answer
  380. The brain of any computer system isClick to Get Answer
  381. Which was the first search engine in the InternetClick to Get Answer
  382. The programs which are as permanent as hardware and stored in ROM is known asClick to Get Answer
  383. Which virus is treated as the first computer virusClick to Get Answer
  384. The number of functional keys in a keyboardClick to Get Answer
  385. India’s first banking RobotClick to Get Answer
  386. ASCII stands forClick to Get Answer
  387. In IT Act 2000, which section deals with the punishment of cyber terrorismClick to Get Answer
  388. First High Level LanguageClick to Get Answer
  389. Second High Level languageClick to Get Answer
  390. Which technology is used in Compact disksClick to Get Answer
  391. The Indian President who gave assent to Information Technology Act 2000Click to Get Answer
  392. The first Cyber Police Station in Kerala was inaugurated inClick to Get Answer
  393. India’s first Cyber dome is established atClick to Get Answer
  394. In IT Act, Chapter 3 related toClick to Get Answer
  395. Paintbrush belong toClick to Get Answer
  396. Cyber Laws are included inClick to Get Answer
  397. A digital signature is anClick to Get Answer
  398. Laptop was developed byClick to Get Answer
  399. A website’s main page is calledClick to Get Answer
  400. The inventor of www (world wide web)Click to Get Answer
  401. Server on internet is also known asClick to Get Answer
  402. Computer Mouse was invented byClick to Get Answer
  403. Baidu is a most popular Search engine inClick to Get Answer
  404. HTML is considered as aClick to Get Answer
  405. A computer on internet is identified byClick to Get Answer
  406. Free of cost repair of software bug available in internet is calledClick to Get Answer
  407. __ is the process of finding and resolving defects or problems within a computer program Click to Get Answer
  408. Full form of SMPSClick to Get Answer
  409. A combination of Hardware and SoftwareClick to Get Answer
  410. A device which converts human-readable data into machine language isClick to Get Answer
  411. MICR stands forClick to Get Answer
  412. ENIAC was a research that was sponsored byClick to Get Answer
  413. The disk’s surface is divided into a number of invisible concentric circles calledClick to Get Answer
  414. COBOL is an acronym for __Click to Get Answer
  415. A mechanism for arranging controlled access to a shared resource isClick to Get Answer
  416. VLSI stands forClick to Get Answer
  417. Which output device is known as Soft Copy Output deviceClick to Get Answer
  418. A ___ is a group of computers and network devices connected together, usually within the same buildingClick to Get Answer
  419. The network of NetworksClick to Get Answer
  420. ___ is a type of cybercrime in which data is altered as it is entered into a computer systemClick to Get Answer
  421. How many Toggle keys are there in a keyboardClick to Get Answer
  422. The authority to specify as to which castes shall be deemed to be Scheduled Castes rests with theClick to Get Answer
  423. Which article is related to “Equal Justice and free legal aidClick to Get Answer
  424. Which article is related to Special Address by the PresidentClick to Get Answer
  425. The Supreme Court Judge must have been a High Court Judge for at least a period ofClick to Get Answer
  426. Which amendment seeks to extend reservation for the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Anglo-Indian up to 2020Click to Get Answer
  427. The Indian Constitution does not clearly provide for the freedom of press, but this freedom is implicit in ArticleClick to Get Answer
  428. The Inter-State Council, a non-permanent constitutional body set up by a presidential order on the basis of provisions in Article 263 of the Constitution of India inClick to Get Answer
  429. Which Indian artist decorated the handwritten copy of the ConstitutionClick to Get Answer
  430. In which Constitutional Amendment Act seats of Lok Sabha were increased from 525 to 545Click to Get Answer
  431. How are legislative excesses of Parliament and State Assemblies checkedClick to Get Answer
  432. Which functionary can be invited to give his opinion in the ParliamentClick to Get Answer
  433. In which House of the Parliament, the Presiding Officer is not a member of the HouseClick to Get Answer
  434. The Speaker’s vote in the Lok Sabha is calledClick to Get Answer
  435. The first mid-term elections for Lok Sabha were held in which yearClick to Get Answer
  436. Which type of authority is attributed to the President of IndiaClick to Get Answer
  437. Which Article of the Constitution permits the Supreme Court to review its own judgement or orderClick to Get Answer
  438. Who has the right to transfer any case anywhere in IndiaClick to Get Answer
  439. Who is the final authority to interpret the ConstitutionClick to Get Answer
  440. Under which Article of the Indian Constitution can the President be impeachedClick to Get Answer
  441. What is the minimum strength of the Legislative Assemblies of India prescribed by the ConstitutionClick to Get Answer
  442. Any political party in India can be recognized as a national party if it has state party status inClick to Get Answer
  443. How many states in India have two houses, namely Legislative Assembly and Legislative councilClick to Get Answer
  444. The ordinance of Governor has to be passed by the Assembly within how many monthsClick to Get Answer
  445. Money Bill can be introduced in the State Legislature with the prior consent ofClick to Get Answer
  446. Who remains in office as long as the President of India wishesClick to Get Answer
  447. The ordinance issued by the Governor are subject to approval by which bodyClick to Get Answer
  448. The total number of members of the Legislative Council can in no case be less than how many membersClick to Get Answer
  449. U.C.Banerjee Commission was constituted to probeClick to Get Answer
  450. In which year was Mandal Commission Report implementedClick to Get Answer
  451. Who is the author of the book ‘A Foreign Policy of India’Click to Get Answer
  452. Which State can nominate two women members of the Legislative AssemblyClick to Get Answer
  453. The legislative council of a state can be created or abolished by theClick to Get Answer
  454. Which is the Upper Chamber of State Legislature in IndiaClick to Get Answer
  455. What is the period for the Legislative Council to detain the ordinary billsClick to Get Answer
  456. The procedure for creation o Legislative Council in States has been described in which article of the ConstitutionClick to Get Answer
  457. Who is authorised to transfer the judges of one High /court to another High CourtClick to Get Answer
  458. A High Court Judge addresses his letter of resignation toClick to Get Answer
  459. Which High Court has the largest number of benchesClick to Get Answer
  460. Which High Court has the Territorial Jurisdiction over Andaman and Nicobar IslandsClick to Get Answer
  461. To which State the Special Marriage Act, 1954 does not applyClick to Get Answer
  462. What does the 74th Amendment Act, 1993 of the Constitution mentionsClick to Get Answer
  463. When was the Panchayat Raj System introduced in IndiaClick to Get Answer
  464. A committee appointed in 1977 to review working of the Panchayat Raj was chaired byClick to Get Answer
  465. The constitutional status has been given to Panchayat under ArticleClick to Get Answer
  466. The power, authority and responsibilities of municipalities are listed in which schedules of the Constitution of IndiaClick to Get Answer
  467. The Panchayati Raj system was first started in India in the states of Rajasthan. What is Second stateClick to Get Answer
  468. The Panchayati Raj institution at the block level is known by which nameClick to Get Answer
  469. What is the middle unit in the three-tier Panchayati Raj SystemClick to Get Answer
  470. Public Health and Sanitation ti included in the Constitution of India in which listClick to Get Answer
  471. Which Schedule of the Indian Constitution prescribes distribution of seats in Rajya SabhaClick to Get Answer
  472. Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act was enacted in Indian Constitution in which yearClick to Get Answer
  473. the Election Commission was converted into ‘Three Members Commission’ in which yearClick to Get Answer
  474. The 42nd Amendment Act (1976) has incorporated into the Constitution of India a new chapter on which matterClick to Get Answer
  475. Which was the most controversial Amendment passed during the emergencyClick to Get Answer
  476. The method of Constitutional Amendment is provided in which articleClick to Get Answer
  477. Under the Preventive Detention a person can be detained without trial for how many monthsClick to Get Answer
  478. In which General Election did the Congress Party lost majority in the Parliament for the first timeClick to Get Answer
  479. Which is the only State in India to have the Common Civil CodeClick to Get Answer
  480. As per Article 100(3), the quorum to constitute a meeting of either House of Parliament isClick to Get Answer
  481. The Secretary-General of Lok Sabha, who is the Chief of its Secretariat, is appointed by the Click to Get Answer
  482. The proclamation of Emergency under Article 352 was made by the President for the first time inClick to Get Answer
  483. The Government of India Act, 1935, envisaged the introduction ofClick to Get Answer
  484. The system of Proportional Representation is used in the election of theClick to Get Answer
  485. Which authority should an Indian citizen approach for securing his fundamental right of personal freedom guaranteed by the ConstitutionClick to Get Answer
  486. The first Official Language Commission, as required under Article 344 of the constitution, was constituted by the President inClick to Get Answer
  487. Under which article, the Supreme Court has been given the powers to review any judgement pronounced or order made by it previouslyClick to Get Answer
  488. Who can recommend abolition or creation of the Legislative Council in a StateClick to Get Answer
  489. Which Constitutional Amendment introduced the anti-defection provisions in the Constitution Click to Get Answer
  490. Who appoints “Ad hoc” judges of the Supreme CourtClick to Get Answer
  491. Rajya Sabha can delay the Finance Bill sent for its consideration by the Lok Sabha for a maximum period ofClick to Get Answer
  492. Dapsone immunotherapy is related toClick to Get Answer
  493. Which rays are mainly used to find out invisible hand-writings, forged documents and fingerprintsClick to Get Answer
  494. Which chemical is used for the preservation of foodsClick to Get Answer
  495. For the treatment of which gland disease is radioactive iodine usedClick to Get Answer
  496. Which carbon compound is used as a fire-extinguisherClick to Get Answer
  497. How many vertebrate does a human being haveClick to Get Answer
  498. Fibula is the bone of which organ of the bodyClick to Get Answer
  499. A tablet of which vitamin should be advised to be used after purification of water by iodine as a disinfectantClick to Get Answer
  500. A genetic code specifies how many kinds of amino acidsClick to Get Answer