onomi       on epts and erminolo ies         22.23
     Gini coefficient indicates a situation of perfect    out of capital appreciation–adopt risky strategies
     equality (i.e., every household earning the same     for the purpose (investing in volatile unproven
     level of income) while a ‘one’ signifies a situation and small shares, etc.), also called the performance
     of absolute inequality (i.e., a single household     funds.
     earning the entire income in an economy).
                                                             greAter fool theory
        golDen hAnDshAke
                                                          A theory evolved by the technical analysts of
     A payment (usually generous) made by a company       stocks/shares according to which some even buy
     to its employees for quitting the job prior to their overvalued stocks with the conviction that they
     service.                                             will find a greater fool who will buy them at higher
                                                          prices. This is also popular as castle-in-the-air
        golDen hAnDcuff                                   theory.
     A royalty/bonus payment by a company to its
                                                             greenfielD investment
     staff (usually top ranking) to keep them with the
     company or to save them from poaching by the         An investment by a firm in a new manufacturing
     other companies.                                     plant, workshop, office, etc.
        golDen hello                                         greenfielD locAtion
     A large sum paid by a company to attract a new       An area consisting of unused or agricultural land
     staff to its fold.                                   (i.e., ‘greenfield’) developed to set up new industrial
        golDen rule
                                                             green revolution & institutions
     A fiscal policy stance which suggests that over
     the economic cycle, government should borrow         The support of institutions and the governments
     only to ‘invest’ and not to finance the ‘current     of the world did play a very vital role in the success
     expenditure’. The attempts towards ‘balanced         of the Green Revolution all over the world.
     budgeting’, ‘zero-based budgeting’ developed               The International Maize and wheat
     under influence of this rule.                        Improvement Centre (CIMMYT), Mexico and
                                                          the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI),
        gooDhArt’s lAw                                    Manila were the two institutions in strong
                                                          partnership with national programmes which
     The idea of goodhart which suggests that attempts
                                                          developed the miracle varieties of rice and wheat
     by a central bank (as RBI in India) to regulate the
                                                          that fuelled the green Revolution around the
     level of lending by banks imposing certain controls
     can be circumvented by the banks searching the
     alternatives out of the regulatory preview.                The Consultative Group on International
                                                          Agricultural Research (CGIAR), set up in 1971
                                                          (in Washington DC under the aegis of the World
        go-go funD
                                                          Bank) played a central role in Green Revolution,
     The highly speculative mutual funds operating in     supporting the works of the CIMMYT and IRRI.
     the USA with the objective of earning high profits   Today, the 16 CGIAR support centres around