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     leading to more exit in future. A state that is       conclusion
     forced into inefficient redistribution, risks being
                                                           In the last few years, we have seen an increased
     trapped in a self-sustaining spiral of inefficient
                                                           emphasis by the Government on the above-
     redistribution, reduced legitimacy, reduced
                                                           suggested areas. Promoting the idea of ‘minimum
     resources, poor human capital investments, weak
                                                           government and maximum governance’ the
     capacity and so on. The income and consumption
                                                           government is not only promoting the governance
     anomaly has been specially highlighted by the
                                                           factor but it is empowering the common masses,
     Union Budget 2017-18 where number of tax
                                                           too. States have been included in the process
     payers are miniscule to ratio of various income
                                                           of making the NITI Aayog the very ‘vehicle of
                                                           governance’ (governance has been faltering more
                                                           at the state level). The Government is using the
     suggestions for toDAy
                                                           different tools of information technology in
     It is suggested that the Government of the country    every possible area to promote transparency,
     should carry out their functions with utmost          check corruption across the system and bringing
     commitments to promote legitimacy in the State.       speed in governance. Similarly, focus has shifted
     Some of the major steps the state can take are as     towards non-punitive measures of enhancing tax
     given below:                                          compliance and giving a push towards less-cash
               The essential public services promised to   economy. Auction of public assets has become a
               the common citizens must reach them in      fully online process, aimed at checking the problem
               an effective, transparent and non-partial   of crony capitalism. Besides, the Government is
               way on a permanent basis.                   committed to strengthening ‘social trust’ and ‘co-
               The visible instances of crony capitalism   operation’ among the citizens and between the
               must be checked under which many of         government and the masses to promote the level
               the times public assets are handed over to  of happiness in citizens’ lives. There is a declared
               a select group of corporate houses that too shift in favour of modifying people’s behaviour to
               at very cheaper prices by the governments.  achieve the desired objectives of socio-economic
               The issue of governance should not remain   transformation in the country, too. Experts
               on paper only but it should show up to      believe that the recent policy actions will surely
               the citizens that the governments are       improve the level of legitimacy in the State in the
               committed to promote good governance.       coming times.
               The menace of corruption must be
               rooted out with the help of transparency,      9. fArm iNDeBTeDNeSS AND
               greater devolution of power and                Agripolicy
               involving the larger group of the
               stakeholders.                               introDuction
               People’s participation should be enhanced   Indebtedness among the farming community has
               by the governments in speedy way.           always been a major concern for the Government.