20.20       ndian    onom
        (i) Action is needed in the direction of                      The idea of technology-enabled Direct
            improving the quality of education                        Benefits Transfers (DBT), namely the
            provided in schools to arrest and reverse                 JAM       (Jan     Dhan-Aadhaar-Mobile)
            the decline in enrolment in government                    number trinity solution, introduced by
            schools. Besides, it is essential to improve              the GoI in this regard is believed to be a
            the educational outcomes in both public                   game-changing move.
            and private schools. An important                    (v) India needs to include the behavioural
            contributor to improvement in the                         dimensions of the target population in its
            quality of education would be an increase                 framework of policy-making to realise
            in the per centage of qualified teachers.                 desired results in the area of promoting
       (ii) India needs to overcome the development                   the cause of the social infrastructure.
            challenges through innovative models of                   India has already included this aspect
            delivery of services. It has a critical role to           in its sanitation campaign (especially, in
            play in India’s march towards double-                     checking open defecation)—the same is
            digit growth.                                             needed in the other areas of importance,
      (iii) Without improvement in social                             too.
            infrastructure development of a country             (vi) There is a need of integrating the social
            is incomplete. To capitalise and leverage                 sector initiatives of the Centre, states and
            the advantages that India will have on the                the local bodies. The new ‘think tank’
            demographic front with a large segment                    NITI Aayog can play a suitable platform
            in the productive age group, social                       in this regard.
            infrastructure requires fresh impetus with         (vii) Strengthening of the local bodies (the
            focus on efficiency to improve the quality                PRIs) will not only boost the social sector
            of human capital. To foster education                     but it will have an effect of externality
            and skill development of its diverse                      in the form of an aware, awakened and
            population, including the marginalised                    participative citizenry. Through them,
            sections, women and the differently-                      India can garner the support of civil
            abled, and to provide quality health and                  society and the NGO.
            other social services, the Government             (viii) There is need to orient the private sector
            has identified the potential of technology                (corporate world) towards this cause.
            platforms which can significantly improve                 Their inclusion in this area will not only
            efficiency in the system.                                 bring in fund to this fund-scarce sector
      (iv) Overhauling of the subsidy regime is                       but enable the country to use their
            needed with faster pace. It will not                      expertise in the promotion of the social
            only rationalise the subsidies but bring                  infrastructure.
            in variety of other benefits in the service           The Economic Survey 2017-18 concludes its
            delivery system—inclusion of the needy          chapter on the subject with a quote from the World
            population; exclusion of the fake accounts;     Economic Forum 2017—“strengthening the policy
            prevention of corruption and leakages;          and institutional ecosystem supporting inclusive
            traceability; authentication of delivery;       growth deserves to be a top policy priority for
            transparency and accountability.