H man Development in ndia       20.15
          will enable members to access and                8. Payment of Bonus (Amendment) Act 2015:
          consolidate previous accounts.                      The Act passed in December 2015,
          Online pensioners can view their                    has redefined the eligibility for bonus
          account and disbursement details                    payment of the Payment of Bonus Act
          online. The statutory wage ceiling under            1965 from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 21,000 per
          the Employees Provident Fund and                    month. This will not only enhance the
          Miscellaneous Provisions (EPF&MP) Act               bonus payment to the employees but
          was enhanced to Rs. 15,000 per month                make more eligible to the same.
          and a minimum pension of Rs.1,000 has           Industrial development and employment
          been introduced for pensioners under the   generation have been hindered in India by
          Employees’ Pension Scheme-1995 from        multiplicity of labour laws and their compliance.
          September 2014.                            Working in the direction to remedy this situation,
       5. For Unorganised Workers: The Rashtriya     the Government has proposed (by late March
          Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY) is a           2017) to group 39 central labour laws into ‘four or
          scheme under the Unorganised Workers’      five’ Labour Codes in the coming days. There are
          Social Security Act 2008. It is a smart    several other new measures under consideration
          card-based cashless health insurance       towards simplifying the labour regulation regime
          scheme, including maternity benefit,       in the country.
          which provides a cover of Rs 30,000 per
          family per annum on a family floater basis    cHIld lAbour
          to below poverty line (BPL) families in    India faces the problem of child labour. There
          the unorganised sector. It is proposed     is need of a multi-pronged strategy which can
          to extend the RSBY to all unorganised      rehabilitate children withdrawn from work
          workers in a phased manner.                through specific schemes and universal elementary
       6. National Council for Vocational Training-  education. It needs supplemented with economic
          Management Information System (NCVT-       rehabilitation of their families also.
          MIS) portal has been developed for              In 2015, the GoI launched the National
          streamlining the functioning of Industrial Child Labour Project (NCLP) Scheme under
          Training Institutes (ITIs), Apprenticeship which children rescued/withdrawn from work
          Scheme, and assessment/certification of    in the age group of 9-14 years are enrolled in
          all NCVT training courses.                 NCLP special training centres, where they are
       7. National Career Services Portal: The       provided bridge education, vocational training,
          Government is mandated to maintain a       midday meal, stipend, health care, etc., before
          free employment service for its citizens.  being mainstreamed into formal education
          This is now being transformed with the     system. Children in the age group of 5-8 years
          launch of the National Career Service      are directly linked to the formal education system
          (NCS) Portal in July 2015. The NCS         through close coordination with the Sarva Shiksha
          is envisaged as a digital portal that will Abhiyaan (SSA).
          provide a nationwide online platform            Government has also proposed an amendment
          for job seekers and employers for job      in the Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation)
          matching in a dynamic, efficient and       Act, 1986 which aims at complete prohibition on
          responsive manner.                         employment of children below 14 years along with