staina ilit and limate han e ndia and he           orld    19.13
          The overall aim of the fund is to support concrete  renewable capacity expansion programme in the
     adaptation activities that reduce the adverse effects    world.
     of climate change facing communities, sectors            Major highlights regarding it are as given below:
     and states but are not covered under the ongoing
                                                                   (i) Renewable energy capacity target has
     schemes of state and central governments. The
                                                                       been increased to 175GW by the year
     adaptation projects contribute towards reducing
                                                                       2022, out of which 100GW is to be from
     the risk of vulnerability at community and sector
                                                                       solar, 60 GW from wind, 10 GW from
                                                                       biomass and 5 GW from small hydro
     coAl cess AnD the nAtionAl cleAn energy funD                      power projects.
                                                                  (ii) The First RE-INVEST (Renewable Energy
      India is one of the few countries around the world
                                                                       Global Investment Promotion Meet and
     to have a carbon tax in the form of a cess on coal.
                                                                       Expo) were organized in February 2015
     Not only has India imposed such a cess but it has
                                                                       to provide a platform for the global
     also been progressively increasing it (form Rs. 50
     per tonne of 2010 to Rs. 200 by 2015–16 and                       investment community to connect with
     Rs. 400 by 2016-17). The NCEF (National Clean                     stakeholders in India.
     Energy Fund) which is supported by the cess on                The objective of the RE-INVEST series of
     coal was created for the purposes of financing           conference expos is to showcase India’s renewable
     and promoting clean energy initiatives, funding          energy potential and the government’s efforts
     research in the area of clean energy and for any         to develop and scale up the country’s installed
     other related activities.                                renewable energy capacity to meet the national
                                                              energy requirement in a socially, economically
     Perform Achieve AnD trADe                                and ecologically sustainable manner. A total of
     The PAT (Perform Achieve and Trade) scheme               273,000 MW green commitments, including
     under the National Mission on Enhanced Energy            62,000 MW of renewable manufacturing, were
     Efficiency was introduced as an instrument               received in the event.
     for reducing specific energy consumption in                   (i) The ISA (International Solar Agency) was
     energy-intensive industries with a market-based                   launched by India at COP 21 in Paris in
     mechanism that allowed the trading of ESCerts                     December 2015. The ISA will provide a
     (energy saving certificates). The ESCerts, issued by              special platform for mutual cooperation
     the GoI, are traded through the power exchanges                   among 121 solar-resource-rich countries
     in the country.                                                   lying fully or partially between the Tropic
                                                                       of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn. The
     reneWAble energy                                                  Secretariat of the ISA will be hosted by
     For India, renewable energy has become a major                    India.
     focus area. The GoI has set an ambitious target of           (ii) Development of Solar Cities Programme
     achieving 40 per cent cumulative electric capacity                is another ambitious scheme of India.
     from non-fossil fuel-based energy resources by                    Under it 56 solar cities projects have been
     2030. India is currently undertaking the largest                  approved.