li  inan e in ndia    18.31
         percentage points of GDP, the State                  becoming increasingly clearer, the fiscal
         fiscal targets for 2017-18 meant that                balance vis-à-vis budget estimates will
         the General Government targeted to                   depend on the emerging patterns of
         achieve an overall improvement in their              revenue expenditure in the fourth quarter
         fiscal position boosted by a compression             of 2017-18.
         in revenue expenditure and a modest
         improvement in capital expenditure.             Given the complexities involved in rolling out
         In the Union Budget 2018-19, Central       of the GST, by late 2017-18, the governments
         Government estimated a 3.5 per cent of     look fairing reasonably well. Meanwhile, the
         fiscal deficit during 2017-18 (against the difficulties related to paying tax and tax rates are
         Budgetary target of 3.2 per cent).         being resolved through rationalisation process.
         For the General Government as a whole,     Experts expect the new GST regime stabilising by
         with the expected revenues from GST        the coming fiscal 2018-19.