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     of interfaces for data sharing among various                     Part of the technological platform—
     stakeholders.                                             the Digital India—it is expected to provide,
          The scheme for treasury computerisation is           integration of various beneficiary’ databases with
     expected to make the budgeting process more               Aadhaar and appropriate process re-engineering.
     efficient, improve cash flow management, promote          It would result in:
     real-time reconciliation of accounts, strengthen                   removal of fake and duplicate entities
     management information systems (MIS), improve                      from beneficiary lists
     accuracy and timeliness in accounts preparation,                   prevention of leakage and wastage
     bring about transparency and efficiency in public                  substantial saving of effort, time and cost
     delivery systems, help bring about better financial
                                                                        ensuring full traceability of flow of funds
     management along with improved quality
                                                                        to the beneficiary.
     of governance in states and UTs. The overall
     estimated cost of the scheme is Rs. 626 crore at Rs.               checking the element of corruption
     1 crore per district in existence on 1 April, 2011.                through transparency
     Financial support is up to 75 per cent (90 per cent                accountability of flow of funds
     in case of northeastern states) of the individual                  expenditure rationalisation
     project cost of admissible components limited to               Meanwhile, the Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery
     Rs. 75 lakh per district (Rs. 90 lakh per district        of Financial and Other Subsidies, Benefits and
     for north-eastern states). Funds will be released as      Services) Bill, 2016 was passed by the Parliament
     central assistance in three instalments of 40 per         and enforced by late 2016. This is a transformative
     cent, 30 per cent, and 30 per cent each, subject to       piece of legislation which will benefit the poor
     satisfactory receipt of utilisation certificates.         and the vulnerable. The statutory backing to
                                                               Aadhar will address the uncertainty surrounding
        dIrect BenefIt transfer66                              the project after the Supreme Court restricted the
     In 2015, the new government in Centre introduced          use of the Aadhaar number until a Constitution
     the game-changing potential of technology-                Bench delivers its verdict on a number of cases
     enabled Direct Benefits Transfers (DBT),                  challenging the mandatory use of Aadhaar in
     namely the JAM (Jan Dhan-Aadhaar-Mobile)                  government schemes, and rules on the issue of
     Number Trinity solution. It offers possibilities          privacy violation.
     for effectively targeting public resources to those            To ensure targeted disbursement of
     who need them most, and including all those               government subsidies and financial assistance to
     who have been deprived in multiple ways. Under            the actual beneficiaries, is a critical component of
     it, the beneficiaries will get the money ‘directly’       ‘minimum government and maximum governance’
     into their bank or post-office accounts linked to         of the Government of India. After the successful
     their 12-digit biometric identity number (Aadhar)         introduction of DBT in LPG, the government in
     provided by the Unique Identification Authority           2016–17 introduced it on pilot basis for fertilizer
     of India (UIDAI). The idea was first initiated by         in few districts. Similarly, the government has also
     the GoI in 2013 (UPA-II) on pilot basis with              started the automation facilities of the 5.35 lakh
     seven schemes in 20 district of the country.              FPS (Fair Price Shops) which come under the PDS
                                                               (Public Distribution System).
       66.  Ministry of Finance, Economic Survey 2015–16,
            pp. 28, 123, 213; Publication Division, India 2016      As per the Union Budget 2017-18, the
            (New Delhi: Government of India, 2017) pp. 718.    country has made a strong beginning with