C h a p t e lir inan e in ndia
                                                                                Public Finance
                                                                                             in india
                          The way the modern governments manage all money they get–the public
                       money–is the subject matter of public finance. The policy stance taken in this
                       regard is declared annually by the governments via their ‘fiscal policy’ popularly
                          known as the Budget.*
     In This Chapter...
     ‰ Introduction                                                   ‰ Types of Budgets
     ‰ Budget                                                         ‰ Cut Motion
     ‰ Deficit Financing                                              ‰ Trilemmas
     ‰ Fiscal Policy                                                  ‰ Treasury Computerisation
     ‰ Indian Fiscal Situation: A Summary                             ‰ Direct Benefit Transfer
     ‰ Limiting Government Expenditure                                ‰ Expenditure Management Commission
     ‰ Fiscal Consolidation in India                                  ‰ Need of Public Investment
     ‰ Zero-Base Budgeting                                            ‰ Current Fiscal Situation
     ‰ Charged Expenditure
      * See Amaresh Bagchi (ed.), Readings in Public Finance (New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2005). Also see Paul A. Samuelson
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