In contrast, India’s expansion may well prove              to Indian competition, their ability to
     much more balanced:                                           mobilize political opinion might also be
            India has tended to run a current account              greater.24
            deficit, rather than a surplus; and
                                                               Precisely speaking, the political backlash
            while its service exports might also
                                                          against globalisation in advanced countries, and
            displace workers in advanced countries,
            their skill set will make relocation to other China’s difficulties in rebalancing its economy,
            service activities easier; indeed, they may   could have major implications for India. And it
            well simply move on to complementary          will be advisable for India to close track of the
            tasks, such as more advanced computer         changing global dynamics.
            programming in the IT sector itself.
                                                            24.  Based on the discussion given in the Economic Survey
            on the other hand, since skilled labour              2016-17, Government of India, Ministry of Finance,
            in advanced economies will be exposed                N. Delhi, Vol. 1, pp. 6-9.