15.20     ndian     onom
           to get benefit of MEIS (for values upto                in getting fast access to international
           INR 25,000). These measures would                      markets.
           not only capitalize on India’s strength in    (vi) A number of steps have been taken for
           these areas and increase exports but also          encouraging manufacturing and exports
           provide employment.                                under 100 per cent schemes. The steps
      (iv) In order to give a boost to exports from           include a fast track clearance facility for
           SEZs, government has now decided                   these units, permitting them to share
           to extend benefits of both the reward              infrastructure facilities, permitting inter
           schemes (MEIS and SEIS) to units located           unit transfer of goods and services,
           in SEZs. It is hoped that this measure will        permitting them to set up warehouses
           give a new impetus to development and              near the port of export and to use duty
           growth of SEZs in the country.                     free equipment for training purposes.
       (v) Trade facilitation and enhancing the ease
                                                        (vii) Considering the strategic significance of
           of doing business are the other major focus
                                                              small and medium scale enterprise in the
                                                              manufacturing sector and in employment
           (a) One of the major objective of new              generation, MSME Clusters-108 have
               FTP is to move towards paperless
                                                              been identified for focused interventions
               working in 24×7 environment.
                                                              to boost exports. Outreach activities will
           (b) The government has reduced the                 be organized in a structured way at these
               number of mandatory documents                  clusters with the help of EPCs and other
               required for exports and imports
                                                              willing Industry Partners and Knowledge
               to three, which is comparable with
               international benchmarks.
                                                       (viii) Niryat Bandhu Scheme has been galvanized
           (c) A facility has been created to upload
                                                              and repositioned to achieve the objectives
               documents in exporter/importer
                                                              of Skill India.
               profile and the exporters will not
               be required to submit documents                   The FTP Statement describes the
               repeatedly.                                    market and product strategy and
           (d) Attention has also been paid to                measures required for trade promotion,
               simplify various Aayat Niryat Forms,           infrastructure development and overall
               bringing in clarity in different               enhancement of the trade ecosystem. It
               provisions, removing ambiguities and           seeks to enable India to respond to the
               enhancing electronic governance.               challenges of the external environment,
           (e) Approved Exporter System (AES)                 keeping in step with a rapidly evolving
               has been launched to enable                    international trading architecture and
               manufacturers to self-certify their            make trade a major contributor to
               manufactured goods originating from            the country’s economic growth and
               India with a view to qualifying for            development. The Government of India
               preferential treatment under various           promised to have regular interactions
               forms of bilateral and regional trade          with all stakeholders, including state
               agreements This will help these                governments to achieve the national
               manufacturer exporters considerably            objectives.