15.16        ndian    onom
              category registered high growth. In 2017-            be obtained online without the having to
              18 (April- November) all major sectors               separately approach these agencies.
              registered positive growth with the capital             The single window is aimed at
              goods imports, which are needed for                  providing importers/exporters a single
              industrial activity, registering a 11.3 per          point interface for customs clearance,
              cent growth.                                         thereby reducing personal interface with
          As per the Economic Survey 2017-18, the                  governmental agencies, dwell time and
     prospects for India’s external sector look bright             cost of doing business.
     with world trade projected to grow at 4.2 per           (iii) 24x7 customs clearance: The facility of
     cent and 4 per cent in 2017 and 2018 respectively             ‘24x7 customs clearance’ has been made
     (from 2.4 percent in 2016); trade of major partner            available at 18 seaports and 17 air cargo
     countries improving and above all India’s export              complexes. This move is aimed at faster
     growth also picking up. The downside risks lie in             clearance of import and export, reducing
     the rise in oil prices. However, this could also              dwell time and lowering the transaction
     lead to higher inflow of remittances which have               cost.
     started picking up. The supportive policies like        (iv)  Paperless environment: The government
     GST, logistics and trade facilitation policies of             aims to move towards a paperless 24x7
     the government could help further in the years to             working trade environment. A new
     come.                                                         facility has been created to upload
                                                                   documents in exporter/importer profile
        new stePs to Promote traDe                                 so that exporters are not required to
     Several new initiatives were taken by the GoI, in             submit documents repeatedly.
     recent times, to facilitate trade. These new steps       (v)  Simplification: Attention has also been
     (up to March 2018) were aimed at adopting                     paid to simplifying various ‘aayat niryat’
     internationally benchmarked best practices—                   forms, bringing in clarity in different
     major ones of them are as given below:                        provisions, removing ambiguities and
          (i) e-Filing and e-Payment: Applications for             enhancing electronic governance. A
              various trade services can be filed online and       mobile application also launched by the
              application fees paid through electronic             DGFT (Director General of Foreign
              transfer. The number of mandatory                    Trade) in October 2016.
              documents required for exports and             (vi)  Training/Outreach: ‘Niryat Bandhu
              imports has also been cut down to just               Scheme’, a training/outreach programme
              three each (which is comparable with                 is aimed at Skill India—organised at
              international benchmarks).                           MSME (micro, small and medium
         (ii) Single window for Customs: Under this                enterprises) clusters with the help of
              project, that importers and exporters                export promotion councils (EPCs) and
              electronically submit their customs                  other willing ‘industry partners’ and
              clearance documents at a single point                ‘knowledge partners’. The DGFT in
              with customs. Permissions required from              collaboration with the IIFT (Indian
              other regulatory agencies (such as animal            Institute of Foreign Trade) has launched
              quarantine, plant quarantine, drug                   ‘Niryat Bandhu at Your Desktop’, an
              controller and textile committee) could              online certificate programme in export-