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                     No country in today’s globalised world can be fully insulated from what happens
                  in the global economy and India is no exception to the rule. As the country is
                  increasingly integrated into the world, it cannot remain impervious to developments
                  abroad. The unfolding of the Euro zone crisis and uncertainty surrounding the
                  global economy have impacted the Indian economy causing drop in growth, higher
                     current account deficit and declining capital inflows.*
     In This Chapter...
     ‰ Definition                                       ‰ Trade Policy
     ‰ Forex Reserves                                   ‰ Depreciation
     ‰ External Debt                                    ‰ Devaluation
     ‰ Fixed Currency Regime                            ‰ Revaluation
     ‰ Floating Currency Regime                         ‰ Appreciation
     ‰ Managed Exchange Rates                           ‰ Current Account
     ‰ Foreign Exchange Market                          ‰ Capital Account
     ‰ Exchange Rate in India                           ‰ Balance of Payment (BoP)
     ‰ Trade Balance                                    ‰ Convertibility
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