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                                                                   Market in
                      Had there been no security market—undoubtedly, the most facinating segment
                  of the financial market—there won’t have been the big MNCs and TNCs in the
                  world. Once the world moves towards the process of globalisation, the potential
                  of this market has increased exponentially—its capacity of resource mobilization
                      is just anybody’s guess!*
     In This Chapter...
     ‰ Definition                                    ‰ Participatory Notes (PNs)
     ‰ Primary and Secondary Markets                 ‰ Short Selling
     ‰ Stock Exchange                                ‰ RGESS
     ‰ SEBI                                          ‰ Credit Default Swap (CDS)
     ‰ Commodity Trading                             ‰ Securitisation
     ‰ Spot Exchanges                                ‰ Corporate Bond in India
     ‰ Important Terms of Stock Market               ‰ Inflation-Indexed Bonds
     ‰ Foreign Financial Investors                   ‰ Gold Exchange Traded Funds
     ‰ Angel Investor                                ‰ CPSE ETF
     ‰ QFIs Scheme                                   ‰ Pension Sector Reforms
     ‰ RFPIs                                         ‰ Real Estate & Infrastructure Investment Trusts
                                ,               D