10.10         ndian    onom
     the use of individual logos for partnership and        policy reforms10 in this regards are outlined in the
     single proprietorship accounting firms. These          following way:
     regulations need to be relaxed and streamlined
     to facilitate tie-ups and penetrate foreign markets    generAl issues
     given the potential for exporting these services by    There are some general issues related to the policy
     the outsourcing mode.                                  framework which hamper the healthy growth and
                                                            expansion of the services sector in the country.
     legAl services                                         They are broadly related to the following areas:
     In this sector, FDI is not permitted and international Nodal agency and marketing: Despite having strong
     law firms are not authorised to advertise and open     growth potential in various services sub-sectors,
     offices in India. Foreign service providers can        there is no single nodal department or agency
     neither be appointed as partners nor sign legal        for services. An inter-ministerial committee for
     documents and represent clients. The Bar Council       services has been set up to look into this. But
     is opposed to entry of foreign lawyers/law firms in    services activities cover issues beyond trade and a
     any manner. Indian advocates are not permitted         more proactive approach and proper institutional
     to enter into profit-sharing arrangements with         mechanism is needed to weed out unwanted
     persons other than Indian advocates.                   regulations and tap the opportunities in the services
                                                            sector in a coordinated way. There is also need for
     eDucAtion services                                     promotional activities for service exports like,
     These come under the Concurrent List with                    (i) setting up a portal for services,
     multiple controls and regulations by central               (ii) showcasing India’s competence also in
     and state governments and statutory bodies.                        non-software services in trade exhibitions,
     Regulations of minimum of 25 acres of land to             (iii) engaging dedicated brand ambassadors
     establish a medical college restricts the setting up               and experts.
     of medical colleges in cities like Delhi. Patient      Disinvestment: There is plenty of scope for
     load factor regulations related to establishment       disinvestment in services PSUs under both central
     of new medical colleges also need to be in tune        and state governments. Speeding up disinvestment
     with present day equipment-intensive patient care      in some services-sector PSUs could not only
     and modern practices and procedures of medical         provide revenue for the government but also speed
     education.                                             up the growth of these services.
                                                            Credit related: The issues here include ‘collateral
        the need for reformS                                free’ soft loans to support the sector’s cash needs
     Indian services sector have the potential to garner    and possibility of considering even export or
     higher economic benefits to the country. But             10.    H.A.C. Prasad, R. Sathish, and Salam Shyamsunder
     there are many issues both general and sector                   Singh (2014), working paper 1/2014-DEA on
     specific including domestic regulations hinder the              ‘Emerging Global Economic Situation: Opportunities
     growth prospects of the services sector. If these               and Policy Issues for Services Sector’ and updates from
                                                                     some ministries and institutions, as quoted in, Ministry
     issues are addressed deftly the sector could lead to            of Finance, Economic Survey 2013–14 (New Delhi:
     exponential gains for the economy. The need of                  Government of India, 2017), p. 190.