10.6       ndian   onom
             consistently at 1.5 per cent over the last            of big data analytics in healthcare and
             two years with focus on building digital              cyber security.
             first R&D organizations. The total R&D                Ministry of Environment, Forest and
             Globalization and Services opportunity in             Climate Change (MoEFCC) is promoting
             2016 was estimated at US$ 232 billion,                development of new generation of
             and is projected to reach US$ 289 billion             refrigerants as alternatives to the presently
             by 2021.                                              used hydro-fluro-carbons (aimed at
             Embedded and Software engineering                     protecting ozone layer and climate).
             constitute 76 per cent of the R&D                 With the active support of the Government
             outsourcing market. On the geographical      the R&D sector in India is all set to witness robust
             spread, India, Western Europe and North      growth in the coming years. According to a study
             America capture 75 per cent of the global    (Economic Survey 2017-18) by management
             Engineering R&D Services market.             consulting firm Zinnov, engineering R&D market
             India’s Engineering R&D (ER&D)               in India is estimated to grow at a compound annual
             globalization and services market, which     growth rate (CAGR) of 14 per cent to reach US$
             currently stands at about US$ 22 billion,    42 billion by 2020.
             is expected to reach US$ 38 billion by
             2020.                                           Space ServIceS
             As per the latest Global Competitiveness     India’s space programme contributes to the
             Report 2017-18, India’s capacity for         development of the economy in several ways.
             innovation has been lower than that of       Satellite based mapping and launching services are
             many countries like the USA, the UK,         the two areas in which India is making a mark and
             South Korea, but better than China’s.        has huge potential for the future. Major features
             In     terms     of    university–industry   (as per the Economic Survey 2017-18) of India’s
             collaboration on R&D, India ranks            space services are as given below:
             better than all other BRICS countries                 In Satellite Mapping, there has been a
             and in terms of availability of scientists            decline in the foreign exchange earnings
             and engineers, it ranks better than other             in recent years, primarily due to free and
             BRICS countries except China.                         open data policy adopted by many space
                                                                   agencies. India is negotiating with the
             In terms of patents applications per million
                                                                   customers for renewal of contracts.
             population, India significantly lags behind
             other BRICS countries and in terms of                 ISRO is pursuing a project to support
             company spending on R&D, India ranks                  ASEAN Member states including
                                                                   Myanmar to receive and process data
             marginally below China.
                                                                   from Indian remote sensing satellites
         The Government has taken many initiatives                 (Resourcesat-2 and Oceansat-2) and
     in recent times to promote the R&D sector in                  also to provide training in space science,
     India—                                                        technology and applications for the
             Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) has been                benefit of the ASEAN member countries.
             established in the NITI Aayog.                        Antrix (the marketing arm of the ISRO)
             Indo-Israel agreement has been signed to              is currently enables (exports) direct
             enhance new R&D projects in the areas                 reception and processing of data from