Chapter                         ervi es e tor
                            India’s dynamic services sector has grown rapidly in the last decade with
                        almost 72.4 per cent of the growth in India’s GDP in 2014–15 coming from
                        this sector. Unlike other developing economies, the Indian growth story has been
                           led by services-sector growth which is now in double digits.*
     In This Chapter...
     ‰ Introduction                                                     ‰ Global Negotiations
     ‰ India and Global Services                                        ‰ Restrictions and Regulations
     ‰ Research and Development (R&D) Services                          ‰ The Need for Reforms
     ‰ Space Services                                                   ‰ Outlining Future
     ‰ Manufacturing vs. Services
      * Ministry of Finance, Economic Survey 2014–15, Vol. 2 (New Delhi: Government of India, 2015), p. 106.