9.40        ndian    onom
              Impetus is required for construction of    Oil & Gas areas, presently, the assessment process
              not only cross-country pipelines but also  is going on in 50 blocks. Commercial production
              city gas distribution. The present system  is yet to begin.
              of bidding by the Petroleum and Natural
              Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB) is               renewaBle energy
              lopsided and long-drawn-out and needs
              to be reformed since it has constrained    India’s renewable energy potential has been
              development of the gas network.            assessed (in the medium-term) at 8, 96,602 MW,
                                                         which includes the potential from solar (7,48,990
              Expansion       of     the    PNG/CNG
                                                         MW), wind (1, 00,000 MW), small hydro (20,000
              (Compressed Natural Gas) network
                                                         MW) and biomass (26,800 MW) power.
              could help provide gas connections to
              rural areas.                                     Apart from grid power requirement, renewable
                                                         energy sources are also being used for distributed
              Rationalization of LPG subsidy is
                                                         generation, lighting, pumping and motive power
              essential. It may be useful to cap subsidy
                                                         requirement in remote and inaccessible areas.
              to 10 LPG cylinders for each household
                                                         India is graduating from Mega watts to Gig watts
              (that being the maximum used for usual
                                                         in the generation of clean renewable energy. The
              domestic cooking) while aligning taxes
                                                         target from various renewable energy sources has
              and duties on domestic and commercial
                                                         been increased by the GoI to 175 GW by the year
              LPG users.
                                                         2022 – solar and wind to contribute 100 GW and
              Import of liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
                                                         60 GW, respectively. The major steps taken by
              for use in the power industry is exempt
                                                         the government to boost the sector in recent times
              from customs duty while LNG for all
                                                         are as given below (by early 2017):
              other uses attracts 5 per cent customs
                                                               (i) Solar Rooftop: Grid-connected rooftops
              duties. There should be no exemptions
                                                                   systems to come up by 2019-20 under
              for any sector.
                                                                   the National Solar Mission (NSM).
              In order to develop a cost-effective and
              revenue-neutral mechanism for swapping          (ii) Solar Parks: 25 solar parks and ultra mega
              of gas across producing and consuming                solar power projects with an aggregate
              states for the national gas grid, it is              capacity of 20,000 MW to be set up
              important to make special tax provision              in the next five years (from 2015-16 to
              for sale of natural gas under the Central            2019-20).
              Sales Tax Act 1956. Natural gas and            (iii) Solar Projects under the NSM: In February
              LNG may be treated as declared goods to              2015, the government announced to set
              bring about tax parity with crude oil and            up 15,000 MW of grid-connected solar
              make prices uniform across states.                   PV power projects under the NSM by
         Meanwhile, India has entered into exploring               2018-19.
     the unconventional resources of energy such as          (iv) Solar Pumps: Target of installing of
     the CBM (Coal Bed Methane) and Shale Oil &                    one lakh solar pumps for irrigation and
     Gas. The estimated CBM resources are about 92                 drinking water by 2016.
     TCF (trillion cubic feet) of which only 9.9 TCF          (v) Solar Cities: Approval granted for 56 solar
     has so far been confirmed – current production is             city projects under the Development of
     about 1 million cubic metre per day. In the Shale             Solar Cities Programme.