9.24          ndian    onom
       (viii) Allow online filing of application,                  food processing, oil & gas, and pharmaceuticals,
                scheduling of appointment and payment              among others.
                of fees for registering properties.                Logo: is inspired from Ashoka Chakra – is a striding
         (ix) Digitize all encumbrances and record of              lion made of cogs, symbolising manufacturing,
                rights of lands for last 30 years and make         strength and national pride.
                them available online.                                   The initiative also aims at imposing high quality
          (x) Integrate land records with sale deeds at            standards and the dimensions of sustainability. Key
                Sub-Registrar offices.                             policies to be followed are: ease of doing business,
           With the help of various structural and                 getting away with archaic laws, 100 Smart Cities,
     deep-seated reform measures undertaken by the                 disinvestment of the PSUs, skills and jobs for
     Government, India was able to enhance its rank to             the youth, etc. Major challenges to the initiatives
     100 (from 130 of 2017) in the World Bank’s Doing              include – creating a healthy business environment,
     Business Report-2018. As per the Government,                  removal of unfavourable factors, more focus on
     there are several reforms and simplifications                 Indian’s MSMEs, lack of world class research
     already complete but still to be acknowledged                 and development (R&D), and comparisons with
     by the report such as—Municipal Corporations                  China’s ‘Made in China’ campaign.
     in Mumbai and Delhi reduced the number of                           Some experts have also highlighted few
     procedures to 8; time frame for approvals during              concerns related to the Make in India campaign.
     construction cycle of a building brought down to              It will be advisable to take care of the concerns:
     60 days, resolving insolvency eased out, enforcing                  (i) allegations of siphoning of funds,
     contracts made easier, etc.
                                                                        (ii) higher pricing,
                                                                      (iii) more profits to MNCs for setting up
        make In IndIa
                                                                               plants in India,
     Make in India was launched in September 2014                      (iv) land-grabbing, and
     by the GoI to encourage multinational as well                      (v) re-entry of black money.
     as domestic companies to manufacture their
                                                                         The initiative is based on four pillars – new
     products in India. The initiative is set to boost
                                                                   processes; new infrastructure; new sectors; and
     entrepreneurship, not only in manufacturing but
                                                                   new mindset. The major steps57 taken by the
     in relevant infrastructure and service sectors as well.
                                                                   government in this regard are as summed-up
     Major features of the initiative56 are as given
                                                                         (i) An interactive portal for dissemination
     Vision: attracting both capital and technological                         of information and interaction with
     investment in India enabling it to become the top                         investors has been created with the
     global FDI, surpassing even China and the United                          objective of generating awareness about
     States.                                                                   the investment opportunities and
     Objective: To focus on job creation and skill                             prospects of the country, to promote India
     enhancement in 25 key sectors of the economy,                             as a preferred investment destination in
     including automobiles, aviation, biotechnology,                           markets overseas and to increase Indian
     defence manufacturing, electrical machinery,                              share of global FDI.
       56.     overnment of ndia launch of the initiative, Make in   57.    Ministry of Finance, Economic Survey 2015-16,
             India, . elhi,     Septem er,       .                          p. 135.