nd str and n rastr       t re      9.23
               Mauritius, Singapore and Japan have            India’s rank has improved to rank 130th in this
               been top three countries the contributing      report (from 142nd of 2015 report) among the
               36.17 per cent, 20.03 per cent and 10.83       190 countries included in the report. Basically,
               per cent respectively to the total FDI         the report acknowledges only those reforms which
               Equity Inflows of india during 2016-           have been implemented in Mumbai and Delhi by
               17. In terms of the Sectors receiving          June 1 each year. This way, several major reform
               FDI Equity inflows, Services (Finance,         initiatives of India (after 1st June 2016) were not
               Banking, Insurance etc.), Telecom, and         accounted for in this year’s report and will enhance
               Computer Software and Hardware have
                                                              India’s rank in the next report. This year’s report
               been the top three sectors with a share of
                                                              did not include the ‘labour market regulaton’.
               19.97 per cent, 12.80 per cent and 8.40
               per cent respectively.                         Reforms for next year’s ranking: The
                                                              Government is committed to its goal of achieving
        ease of doIng BusIness                                among top 50 rank in the next report (2018) and the
                                                              Government has implemented a host of reforms
     Doing Business report, an annual publication             to make it easier for businesses to start, operate and
     (since 2004) of the World Bank Group ranks
                                                              exit. Following actions are on anvil in this regard:
     the countries of the world on the basis of their
     ‘regulations that enhance business activity and                (i) Implementing the Insolvency and
     those that constrain it’. Popularly known as the                   Bankruptcy Code.
     ‘ease of doing business report’, it measures regulations      (ii) Implementing GST nationwide by July
     affecting 11 areas of the life of a business55:                    1, 2017.
           1. Starting a business,                                (iii) Implementing a single form for company
           2. Dealing with construction permits,                        incorporation, name availability and
           3. Getting electricity,                                      director’s identification number and
           4. Registering property,                                     making it mandatory.
           5. Getting credit,                                     (iv) Merging registries to build a unified
           6. Protecting minority investors,                            online data base of security interests over
                                                                        movable assets.
           7. Paying taxes,
           8. Trading across borders,                              (v) Further streamlining processes related to
                                                                        customs clearances aimed at faster and
           9. Enforcing contracts,
                                                                        cheaper processing.
         10. Resolving insolvency, and
                                                                  (vi) Introduction       of    paperless      court
         11. Labour market regulation.
                                                                        procedures and systems including e-filing,
          Doing Business 2017 report (released in                       e-payment, e-summons.
     October 2016) recognizes India’s achievements
     in implementing reforms in four of its ten                  (vii) Make the colour coded maps of Airports
     indicators—Trading Across Borders, Getting                         Authority of India, Delhi Urban
     Electricity, Enforcing Contracts and Paying Taxes.                 Arts Commission, Delhi Metro Rail
                                                                        Corporation, Archaeological Survey of
       55.   Doing Business 2017, World Bank, Washington DC,            India GIS enabled and integrate them
                   and Ministry of Commerce and Industry,
               overnment of ndia, . elhi, ress elease, cto er           with the Single Window System of
                ,    .                                                  Municipal Corporation of Delhi.