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                                                                                 Industry and
                           In China I was greatly attracted to the Industrial Co-operatives—the Indusco
                       movement—and it seems to me that some such movement is peculiarly suited to
                       India. It would fit in with the Indian background, give a democratic basis to small
                       industry, and develop the co-operative habit. It could be made to complement big
                       industry. It must be remembered that, however rapid might be the development
                       of heavy industry in India, a vast field will remain open to small and cottage
                       industries. Even in the Soviet Russia owner-producer co-operatives have played
                           an important part in industrial growth.*
     In This Chapter...
     ‰ Introduction                                                 ‰ Make in India
     ‰ Review of Industrial Policies upto 1986                      ‰ Start-up India
     ‰ New Industrial Policy, 1991                                  ‰ Indian Infrastructure
     ‰ Disinvestment                                                ‰ Uday Scheme
     ‰ MSME Sector                                                  ‰ Railways
     ‰ Sectoral Concerns                                            ‰ Roads
     ‰ FDI Policy Measures                                          ‰ Civil Aviation
     ‰ Ease of Doing Business                                       ‰ Maritime Agenda 2010–20
      * As Jawaharlal Nehru writes in The Discovery of India, or ni ersit Press, 6th I pression st E i on  6,  or , on on ,
        . De hi,   , p. 06.