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              Push in favour of farm diversification         (iv) Need of increased focus on small,
              so that risks to farm income can be                  marginal and women farmers.
              reduced—by facilitating the development         Aimed at making farming remunerative
              of agricultural sub-sectors like livestock a major announcement, the Union Budget
              and fisheries.                             2018-19 did a major announcement—fixing the
          To transform agriculture and allied sector     minimum support prices (MSP) of the crops 50
     the Economic Survey 2017-18 has suggested the       per cent above their production cost. Though, the
     Government to take appropriate policy actions in    methodology for the calculation of the production
     the following areas—                                cost is yet to be made public by the Government.
                                                         Experts take this policy initiative as a big boost to
          (i) Prices of the farm products should remain
                                                         the farm sector. As around 85 per cent of farmers
              remunerative to the farmers.
                                                         in the country don’t have marketable surplus (as
         (ii) Agricultural trade should be interlinked   they are small farmers owning less than five acres
              in such a way that the benefits of         of land), experts believe that ‘input subsidies’ will
              globalisation reaches the farmers.         serve greater purpose in this regard. The delivery
        (iii) Adoption of climate smart agriculture to   of input subsidies to the farm sector needs
              secure the livelihood and income security  rationalisation and emphasis through the direct
              of the farmers.                            benefit transfer.