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     inDiAn institute of croP Processing technology         (ii) To foster sustainable development of
     (iicPt)                                                      Indian wine industry.
                                                           (iii) To formulate a vision and action plan
     Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology
                                                                  for the growth of Indian wine sector
     (IICPT) formerly known as Paddy Processing
                                                                  including R&D for quality upgradation
     Research Centre (PPRC), Thanjavur is an
                                                                  in new technologies.
     autonomous organisation under the administrative
     control of MoFPI. It has been in existence for          During three years of its existence, the
                                                        Board has focused on the promotion of Wines
     the last three decades. As other commodities
                                                        of India in the domestic as well as international
     such as millets, pulses and oil seeds are gaining
                                                        market by participating in important and
     importance, it was decided in 2001 to expand
                                                        relevant exhibitions, fairs, consumer awareness
     the mandate of this Institute to include the above
                                                        and training programmes, undertaking advocacy
     commodities also. The institute is being upgraded
                                                        work with the various state governments/central
     into a national level institute now.
                                                        ministries on various issues related to taxes/levies
     nAtionAl meAt AnD Poultry Processing boArD         and promotion aspects. The Board is going to
                                                        implement a traceability programme “wine-net”
     (nmPPb)                                            for standards and quality in wine sector.
     The GoI established the National Meat and
     Poultry Processing Board 2009. The Board is        nAtionAl institute of fooD technology,
     an autonomous body and was initially funded        entrePreneurshiP & mAnAgement (niftem)
     by the GoI for 2 years and is be managed by the
                                                        For developing a vibrant food processing sector,
     industry itself. This industry-driven institution
                                                        India needs not only world-class food technologists
     has been launched to work as a National Hub
                                                        to undertake R&D in frontier areas, develop new
     for addressing all key issues related to the meat
                                                        products, processes, technologies and machineries,
     and poultry processing sector for its systematic   set food standards and protocol testing, but also
     and proper development. The Board serves as a      business leaders and managers well versed with
     single window service provider for producers,      the requisite mix of technologies, management
     manufacturers and exporters of meat and meat       and entrepreneurship who can exploit major
     products, for promoting the meat industry as a     opportunities in the expanding global food trade.
                                                             In the emerging global scenario, there is a need
     inDiAn grAPe Processing boArD                      for setting up of an institution of global excellence,
                                                        which could cater to the needs of the booming
     The GoI, in 2009, gave its approval for the        food processing sector, various stakeholders
     establishment of the Indian Grape Processing       such as entrepreneurs, industry, exporters,
     Board (IGPB) at Pune, Maharashtra which is close   policymakers, government and other research
     to the principal grape growing and processing      institutions. NIFTEM was conceived by MoFPI
     areas in the country. The functions and objectives to create an international Center of Excellence in
     of the IGPB are:                                   the field of Food Sciences & Food Technology.
          (i) To focus on R&D, extension,               NIFTEM will grow into an apex world class
              quality upgradation, market research,     institute to promote cooperation and networking
              information,       domestic           and among existing institutions both within the
              international promotion of Indian wine.   country and various international bodies. The