8.52        ndian    onom
     efficient supply chain. Under this scheme, capital    in difficult terrains. The Scheme has now been
     grant of 50 per cent of the project cost is provided  transferred to the states with the launching of the
     in general areas and 75 per cent in difficult         National Mission on Food Processing (NMFP) in
     and ITDP (Integrated Tribal Development               the 12th Plan.
     Programme) notified areas (with a ceiling of Rs 50
     crore). Each Mega Food Park takes about 30–36         QuAlity AssurAnce, coDex stAnDArDs, r & D AnD
     months to be completed.                               PromotionAl Activities
                                                           In the global market today, quality and food safety
     colD chAin, vAlue ADDition AnD PreservAtion
                                                           gives a competitive edge which is an important
     The Scheme for Cold Chain, Value Addition,            factor for the enterprises producing processed
     and Preservation Infrastructure was approved          foods and providing services. Apart from
     in 2008 with an objective to provide integrated       domestic standards for food products, processes
     and complete cold chain, value addition and           and management practices, Codex prescribes
     preservation infrastructure facilities without        international standards for safety and quality
     any break, for perishables from the farm gate to      of food as well as codes of good manufacturing
     the consumer. The assistance under the scheme         practices, which are accepted worldwide. Further,
     includes financial assistance (grant-in-aid) of 50    equal emphasis is required to be accorded to
     per cent of the total cost of plant and machinery     R&D activities for the development of innovative
     and technical civil works in general areas and 75     products, cost effective processes and efficient
     per cent for the North Eastern region and difficult   technologies for the food processing sector. The
     areas (subject to a maximum of Rs. 10 crore).         scheme for Food Safety Codex and R&D has
                                                           been successful in making a dent in this area in
     moDernisAtion of AbAttoirs
                                                           the country.
     The Ministry has approved 10 projects in first
     phase which are at various stages of progress. Two    humAn resource DeveloPment
     projects have been completed. A proposal for up-
                                                           The human resource development is very critical
     scaling the scheme is under consideration.
                                                           for sustained growth in the sector. Extensive
                                                           training and entrepreneurship development is
     technology uPgrADAtion
                                                           given top priority:
     Under the Scheme for Technology Upgradation,
                                                                 (i) Creation of infrastructural facilities for
     Establishment, Modernisation of FPIs, financial
                                                                     running degree/diploma courses in food
     assistance is provided in the form of ‘grants-in-aid’
     for the setting up of new food processing units as
     well as technological upgradation and expansion            (ii) Entrepreneurship Development
     of existing units in the country. The GoI extends               Programmes (EDP)
     financial assistance in the form of grant-in-aid to      (iii) Setting up of Food Processing Training
     entrepreneurs at 25 per cent of the cost of Plant &             Centres (FPTC)
     Machinery and Technical Civil Works subject to a          (iv) Training at recognised national/state-
     maximum of Rs. 50 lakhs in general areas or 33.33               level institutes, etc., sponsored by MoFPI
     per cent subject to a maximum of Rs. 75 lakhs                   or other training programme