ri  lt re and ood       ana ement     8.17
         (iv) Functions as the best insurance against             (i) Improving productivity of milch animals,
               drought, famine and other natural                 (ii) Strengthening and expanding village-level
               calamities;                                            infrastructure for milk procurement, and
          (v) It is more inclusive in nature; and               (iii) Providing producers greater access to the
         (vi) Promotes the cause of sustainable                       market in the dairy sector.
               agriculture.                                 Pig Rearing Scheme: This scheme is aimed to
     The significance of this sector can be seen by the     assist farmers/landless labourers/co-operatives
     following facts:                                       and the tribals particularly in the North-Eastern
           (i) The livestock sector as a whole achieved an  states by rearing pigs under stall fed condition
               average growth rate of 4.5 per cent during   for quality pork production and organised pork
               the 12th Plan which is higher than the       marketing in rural areas and semi-urban areas. The
               farm sector growth (3.5 per cent) and the    main objectives of the scheme are:
               foodgrains growth (around 1 per cent).             (i) Encourage commercial rearing by
          (ii) The livestock population of India is                   adopting scientific methods and
               around 530 million. It accounts for                    infrastructure creation;
               about 26 per cent of the total agricultural,      (ii) Production and supply of improved germ
               fishing and forestry sectors.                          plasm;
         (iii) Meat production has a growth rate of             (iii) Organise stakeholders to popularise
               5.7 per cent with a total production of                scientific practices;
               4.8 million tonne (still this sector has         (iv) Create supply chain for the meat industry;
               huge demand-supply gap and there is               (v) Encourage value addition for better
               enormous scope of expansion.                           income.
     Dairy Sector: India ranks first in the world in              Adequate availability of feed and fodder for
     milk production with a production of around            livestock is vital for increasing milk production
     155.5 million tonne and the per capita availability    and sustaining the ongoing genetic improvement
     (pca) of 326 grams (world pca is 296 grams) by         programme. Green fodder shortage in the country
     the end of 2015–16.                                    is estimated at about 34 per cent. The central
           Some of the important GoI programmes/schemes     government has put in place a modified Centrally
     for meeting the growing demand of milk:                Sponsored Fodder and Feed Development
                                                            Scheme since 2014 to supplement the efforts of
               Intensive Dairy Development Programme.
                                                            the states to improve fodder production. Besides,
               Strengthening Infrastructure for Quality     the Accelerated Fodder Development Programme
               and Clean Milk Production, Assistance        was launched as a component of the Rashtriya
               to Cooperatives.                             Krishi Vikas Yojana in 2011–12 to promote
               Dairy Entrepreneurship Development           production of fodder.
                                                            Animal Health: With the improvement in the
               National Project for Cattle and Buffalo      quality of livestock through launching of extensive
               Breeding.                                    cross-breeding programmes, the susceptibility
     A new scheme, the National Dairy Plan, Phase           to various diseases, including exotic diseases
     I, has been launched in March 2012 with the            has increased. In order to reduce morbidity
     following objectives:                                  and mortality, efforts are being made by the