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               Table 7.2 Comparison of weighing diagrams of the existing and revised series of CPI
      Group Description                                        Old Series of CPI                               Revised Series of CPI
                                                     (Weights computed on the asis                      (Weights computed on the asis
                                                                ceS 2004–05)                                      CES 2011 12)
                                                       Rural           r an           Com d.              Rural        r an       Com d.
      Food and beverages                                56.39         35.81              47.58             34.18       36.29       45.86
      Pan, tobacco and intoxicants                       2.72           1.34               2.13             3.26        1.36         2.35
      Clothing and Foodwear                              5.36           3.91              4.73.             7.36        5.57         6.53
      Housing                                                –        22.54                9.77                –       21.67       10.07
      Fuel and Light                                    10.42           8.40               9.49             7.94        5.50         6.84
      Miscellaneous                                     24.91         28.00              26.31             27.26       29.53       28.32
      Total                                           100.00         100.00            100.00             100.00      100.00      100.00
     Source: CSO, February 2015. Here, ‘Combd.’ stands for Combined while ‘-’ stands for ‘not available’.
          3. The number of Groups, which was five in                              6. Prices of PDS items under Antyodaya
               the old series, has now been increased to                                 Anna Yojana (AAY) have also been
               six. ‘Pan, tobacco and intoxicants’, which                                included for compilation of indices of
               was a Sub-group under the group ‘Food,                                    PDS items, in addition to Above Poverty
               beverages and tobacco’, has now been                                      Line (APL) and Below Poverty Line
               made as a separate group. Accordingly,                                    (BPL) prices being taken in the old series.
               the group ‘Food, beverages and tobacco’                            7. Sample size for collection of house rent
               has been changed to ‘Food and beverages’.
                                                                                         data for compilation of House Rent Index,
          4. Egg, which was part of the sub-group                                        which was 6,684 rented dwellings in
               ‘Egg, fish and meat’ in the old series, has                               the old series, has now been doubled to
               now been made as a separate sub-group.                                    13,368 rented dwellings in the revised
               Accordingly, the earlier sub-group has
               been modified as ‘Meat and fish’.
                                                                                  8. Apart from All-India CPIs (Rural, Urban,
          5. The elementary/item indices are now
                                                                                         Combined) for sub-group, group and
               being computed using Geometric Mean
                                                                                         general index (all-groups), which were
               (GM) of the Price Relatives of Current
                                                                                         released for the old series, all India Item
               Prices with respect to Base Prices of
               different markets in consonance with the                                  CPIs (Combined) will also be available.
               international practice. In the old series,                         9. The Consumer Food Price Indices (Rural,
               Arithmetic Mean (AM) was used for that                                    Urban, Combined) will be compiled
               purpose. The advantage of using GM                                        as weighted average of the indices of
               is that it moderates the volatility of the                                following sub-groups, as practiced earlier
               indices as GM is less affected by extreme                                 in the old series (only the weights have
               values.                                                                   been revised):