C h a p t e ronomi                      e orms
                            An important feature of India’s reform programme, when compared with
                       reforms underway in many other countries, is that it has emphasised gradualism
                       and evolutionary transition rather than rapid restructuring or ‘shock therapy’.
                       This gradualism has often been the subject of unfavourable comment by the more
                            impatient advocates of reform, both inside and outside the country.*
     In This Chapter...
     ‰ Introduction                                                     ‰ Privatisation
     ‰ Economic Reforms                                                 ‰ Globalisation
     ‰ Economic Reforms in India                                        ‰ Generations of Economic Reforms
     ‰ Liberalisation                                                   ‰ The Reform Approach
      * Montek S. Ahluwalia Addressing at the inaugural session of the Seminar on ‘India’s Economic Reforms’, Merton College, Oxford
      University, London, June 1993.