lannin in ndia         5.63
            tenures of secretaries and increasing      Health
            specialization and lateral entry.
     Taxation and Regulation                                  significantly increasing government
                                                              expenditure on it, a focal point and
                                                              creating a dedicated cadre and disseminate
            simplify the tax system through reforms.
                                                              periodic, district-level data as per uniform
            For example, consolidate existing custom
            duty rates to a unified rate.
                                                              resources for health, implement a bridge
            for promoting competition through
                                                              course for nurses/AYUSH practitioners
            comprehensive review and reform of
                                                              in primary care.
            government regulations across all sectors.
                                                              Act and the acts governing homeopathy
     The Rule of Law                                          and Indian systems of medicine.
            reforms including increased ICT                   develop a comprehensive Nutrition
            (information      and      communication          Information System.
            technology) use, structured performance
                                                       Building an Inclusive Society
            evaluation and reduced judicial workload.
                                                              youth, minorities, SCs, STs, OBCs,
            reforms of police are suggested to the            differently abled persons and senior
            states.                                           citizens.
     Education and Skill Development
                                                              to reflect the status of women in the
            education, focusing on foundational               country.
                                                              extra-curricular activities as a mandatory
            based assessments.                                part of school curricula; design innovative
                                                              conditional cash transfer schemes to
                                                              encourage girls’ education.
            the student’s level and pace.              Environment and Water Resources
            up to eighth grade.                               regulatory structures to support high
                                                              economic growth.
            and colleges to provide greater autonomy
            to top universities under the current             pollution.
                                                              on private land and transport of trees.
            universities under the World Class
            Universities program.                             by improving groundwater management,