5.62        ndian    onom
             lines of Model Tenancy Act.                       regulator, encouraging commercial mining
                                                               and improving labour productivity.
                                                       Science and Technology
             infrastructure and waste management.              government schemes and evaluate them
     Regional strategies                                       for desirable changes.
                                                                                            PPPs (public
             development outcomes in the —                     private partnerships) in science and
              (i) North Eastern Region,                        technology to improve education and
             (ii) Coastal Areas and Islands,                   industry-academia linkages for demand-
           (iii) North Himalayan states, and                   driven research.
            (iv) Desert and Drought prone states.                          science and technology to
                                                               address development challenges such
     Transport and Digital Connectivity
                                                               as access to education, improving
                                                               agricultural productivity and wastewater
             railways, shipping and ports, inland
             waterways and civil aviation.
             particularly for e-governance and                 and Innovation Foundation (NSTIF) to
             financial inclusion, through developing           identify and deliberate national issues,
             infrastructure, simplifying the payments          recommend priority interventions in
             structure and improving literacy.                 science and technology and prepare
                                                               frameworks for their implementation.
             by reorienting the role of the India
             Infrastructure Finance Company Ltd.               patent regime.
             (IIFCL), introducing low cost debt        Governance
             instruments and operationalizing the
             National Investment Infrastructure Fund
                                                               by shrinking its involvement in activities
                                                               that do not serve a public purpose and
     Energy                                                    expanding its role in areas that necessarily
                                                               require public provision.
             such as provision of electricity to all
             households by 2022, LPG connection to
                                                               select loss-making PSEs and strategic
             all BPL households, elimination of black
                                                               disinvestment of 20 identified CPSEs.
             carbon by 2022, and extension of the city
             gas distribution programme to 100 smart
             cities.                                           health and quality education.
             sector to ensure competitive supply of            better human resource management,
             electricity to industry.                          e-governance, addressing anomalies in