lannin in ndia     5.61
           6. Legal reforms: Aimed at improving                           revenue deficit to 0.9% of the GDP by
               efficiency in government functioning, the                  2019-20.
               laws are to be revamped by repealing old
               laws, rationalising and consolidating the                  additional revenues towards high priority
               rest of the laws and introducing new laws                  sectors: health, education, agriculture,
               where there is a vacuum.                                   rural development, defence, railways,
           Experts believe that to realise the targets of                 roads and other categories of capital
     national agenda of development the Niyatam                           expenditure.
     initiative is a big push towards streamlining the            Agriculture
     efforts of the governments.
     Action AgenDA of niti
                                                                          Marketing to ensure that farmers receive
     As per the Niti, the work on the three documents—                    remunerative prices.
     Fifteen Year Vision, Seven Year Strategy and
     the Three Year Action Agenda has progressed
                                                                          irrigation, faster seed replacement and
     in parallel with the latter being an integral part
                                                                          precision agriculture.
     of the former. Recognising its immediate policy
     relevance, however, the Action Agenda was fast
     tracked                                                              sector (by Member, Niti Aayog, Ramesh
          Increasingly liberalized economy and the
     changed global economic dynamism needed new                  Industry and Services: Job Creation
     ‘tools’ and ‘approaches’ to promote development
     process (the five year plans were not vibrant
     enough to these changed realities). An outcome of
     extensive consultations between the governments                      high-productivity jobs.
     and various stakeholders (including economists,
     scientists, journalists, NGOs, industry associations                 through reforming key laws.
     and experts from education, health, culture and
     other areas), the Draft Three Year Action Agenda
                                                                          Leather and Footwear, Electronics,
     (2017-18 to 2019-20) contains seven parts and                        Food processing., Gems and Jewellery,
     24 chapters. A brief overview is given below105:                     Tourism, Finance and Real Estate.
     Three Year Revenue and Expenditure Framework                 Urban Development
               framework (MTEF) for the Centre is                         affordable housing through increased
               proposed. Based on forecasts of revenue,                   supply of urban land:
               it proposes sector-wise expenditure                         1. More flexible conversion rules from
               allocation for three years.                                     one use to another,
                                                                           2. Release of land held by sick units,
               to 3% of the GDP by 2018-19, and the                        3. Release of other urban land potentially
      105.   Draft Three Year Action Agenda (2017-18 to 2019-20),
                                                                               available and
             NITI Aayog, PMO, N. Delhi, 23rd April, 2017.                  4. More generous Floor Space Index.