lannin in ndia       5.59
              domain knowledge as special invitees                   providing guidance and an overall quality
              nominated by the Prime Minister.                       check to the rest.
        (v) Full-time Organisational Framework: In             (iii) Team India Wing: It will comprise
              addition to PM as its Chairman it will                 representatives from every state and
              comprise:                                              ministry and will serve as a permanent
              (a) Vice-Chairperson—to be appointed                   platform for national collaboration. Each
                   by the PM.                                        representative in this Wing will:
              (b) Members: all as full-time.                         (a) Ensure every state/ministry has a
                                                                         continuous voice and stake in the
              (c) Part-time Members: maximum of 2,
                   from leading universities, research
                   organisations and other relevant                  (b) Establish a direct communication
                                                                         channel between the state/ministry
                   institutions in an ex-officio capacity.
                                                                         and the Aayog for all development
                   Part time members will be on a
                                                                         related matters, as the dedicated
                   rotational basis.
                                                                         liaison interface.
              (d) Ex-Officio Members: maximum of                 A national “Hub-Spoke” institutional model
                   4 members of the Union Council          will be developed, with each state and ministry
                   of Ministers to be nominated by the     encouraged to build dedicated mirror institutions,
                   PM.                                     serving as the interface of interaction. These
              (e) Chief Executive Officer: to be           institutions, in turn, will nurture their own
                   appointed by the PM for a fixed         networks of expertise at the state and ministry level.
                   tenure, in the rank of Secretary to the NITI Aayog will function in close cooperation,
                   Government of India.                    consultation and coordination with the ministries
               (f) Secretariat: as deemed necessary.       of the Central government, and state governments.
                                                           While it will make recommendations to the
     sPeciAliseD Wings in the niti AAyog                   Central and state governments, the responsibility
                                                           for taking and implementing decisions will rest
     The Aayog will house a number of specialised
                                                           with them.
     ‘Wings’, as per the government document:
         (i) Research Wing: It will develop in-house       vehicle of gooD governAnce
              sectoral expertise as a dedicated think tank The Aayog will seek to facilitate and empower the
              of top notch domain experts, specialists     critical requirement of good governance, which
              and scholars.                                is people-centric, participative, collaborative,
        (ii) Consultancy Wing: It will provide             transparent and policy-driven. It will provide
              a market-place of whetted panels of          critical directional and strategic input to the
              expertise and funding, for Central and       development process, focussing on deliverables
              state governments to tap into; matching      and outcomes. This, along with being as incubator
              their requirements with solution             and disseminator of fresh thought and ideas for
              providers, public and private, national      development, will be the core mission of NITI
              and international. By playing match-         Aayog. The document, at the end, quotes from
              maker instead of providing the entire        Chanakya to emphasise the importance and need
              service itself, NITI Aayog will be able to   of good governance – “good governance is at the
              focus its resources on priority matters,     root of a nation’s wealth, comfort and happines”.