lannin in ndia      5.57
          Indian population has steadily increased         13. Internal Consultancy: It will offer an
          the focus on, and demand for, actual                 internal ‘consultancy’ function to
          delivery and results. To keep up with                Central and state governments on policy
          such enhanced aspirations, the new body              and programme design—providing
          will have the mandate to go beyond mere              frameworks adhering to basic design
          planning and strategising, to facilitating           principles such as decentralisation,
          implementation of the development                    flexibility and a focus on results. This
          agenda as well. This would involve                   would include specialised skills such as
          making implementation central to the                 structuring and executing PPPs.
          planning process, through an emphasis on         14. Capacity Building: To enable ‘capacity
          tangible outcomes, realistic targets, strict         building’ and ‘technology up-gradation’
          time lines and robust monitoring and                 across governments, benchmarking
          evaluation—a transition from the isolated            with latest global trends and providing
          conceptualisation of merely ‘planning’,              managerial and technical knowhow.
          to ‘planning for implementation’. It will
                                                           15. Monitoring and Evaluation: It will
          also act as a ‘catalyst’ to the government
                                                               ‘monitor’ the implementation of policies
          machinery at large—filling gaps,
                                                               and programmes, and ‘evaluate’ their
          enhancing capabilities and de-clogging
          bottlenecks, as and where required.                  impact; through rigorous tracking of
                                                               performance metrics and comprehensive
      10. Harmonisation: To ‘facilitate harmonisa-
                                                               programme evaluations. This will not only
          tion’ of actions across different layers of
                                                               help identify weaknesses and bottlenecks
          the government, especially when involv-
                                                               for necessary course-correction, but
          ing cross-cutting and overlapping issues
                                                               also enable data-driven policymaking;
          across multiple sectors through: commu-
                                                               encouraging greater efficiency as well as
          nication, coordination, collaboration and
          convergence among all stakeholders. The
          emphasis will be on bringing all together
                                                       the guiDing PrinciPle
          on an integrated and holistic approach to
          development.                                 The government document has categorically
      11. Conflict Resolution: To provide a            pointed out the very ‘purpose’ of the new body
          ‘platform’ for mutual resolution of inter-   —in the process of carrying out its functions,
          sectoral, inter-departmental, inter-state    the Aayog will be guided by an overall vision
          as well as centre-state issues; facilitating of development which is inclusive, equitable
          consensus acceptable and beneficial to       and sustainable. The institution is to follow
          all, to bring about clarity and speed in     a strategy of empowerment built on human
          execution.                                   dignity and national self-respect—the document
                                                       quote Swami Vivekanada to emphasise this: “to
      12. Coordinating interface with the World: It
          will be the ‘nodal point’ for strategically  encourage everyone in his struggle to live up to
          harnessing global expertise and resources    his own highest idea”. The new body to follow
          in India’s developmental process—            a development model which is all round, all
          coming in from across nations, multi-        pervasive, all inclusive and holistic.
          lateral institutions and other international Antyodaya: To prioritise service and upliftment
          organisations.                               of the poor, marginalised and downtrodden,