5.56      ndian    onom
           are progressively aggregated up the higher        of the Government of India and the states,
           levels of the government. The maturing            the new body would be ideally suited for
           of India’s governmental institutions has          the same.
           enabled increasing the specialisation of       6. Domain Strategies: To ‘build’ a repository
           their functions. There is, thus, a need to        of specialised domain expertise,
           separate as well as energise the distinct         both sectoral and cross-sectoral; to
           ‘strategy’ element of governance from             assist ministries of the Central and
           the usual ‘process’ and ‘implementation’          state governments in their respective
           element. As a dedicated ‘Think Tank’ of           development planning, as well as problem
           the government, NITI Aayog will carry             solving needs. This will especially enable
           out this ‘directional’ role, strategically        the imbibing of good governance best
           charting the future of the nation. It will        practices, both national as well as
           provide specialised inputs—strategic,             international, especially with regards to
           functional and technical—to the Prime             structural reforms in the country.
           Minister and the government (Centre as
                                                          7. Sounding Board: To be an ‘in-house
           well as the state), on matters critical to the
                                                             sounding board’ whetting and refining
           fulfillment of the national development
                                                             government positions, through objective
           agenda. It means, the new body is to
                                                             criticisms and comprehensive counter-
           function like a ‘think tank’.
                                                             views in the economy.
        5. Vision & Scenario Planning: To ‘design’
                                                          8. Network of Expertise: To ‘mainstream’
           medium and long-term strategic
                                                             external ideas and expertise into
           frameworks of the big picture vision
                                                             government policies and programmes
           of India’s future—across schemes,
           sectors, regions and time; factoring in           through a collaborative community
           all possible alternative assumptions and          of national and international experts,
           counterfactuals. These would be the               practitioners and other partners. This
           ‘drivers of the national reforms agenda’,         would entail being government’s link to
           especially focussed on identifying                the outside world, roping in academia
           critical gaps and harnessing untapped             (universities, think tanks and research
           potentialities. The same would need to be         institutions), private sector expertise, and
           intrinsically dynamic with their progress         the people at large, for close involvement
           and efficacy constantly monitored for             in the policymaking process. To bring
           necessary mid-course recalibration;               the point home, the document quotes the
           and the overall environment (domestic             Rigveda – ‘let us welcome noble thoughts
           and global) continuously scanned for              flowing in from all directions’.
           incorporating evolving trends and              9. Knowledge and Innovation Hub: The
           addressing emerging challenges. This              body to be an ‘accumulator’ as well
           would mean a fundamental transition               as ‘disseminator’ of research and best
           from merely planning for where the                practices on good governance, through
           nation’s money goes, to planning where            a state-of-the-art Resource Centre which
           we want the nation to go. And given its           identifies, analyses, shares and facilitates
           unique position as the aggregator and             replication of the same. The document
           integrator of all developmental initiatives       further adds, an increasingly mature