lannin in ndia      5.51
     The objectives of the PEO:                             evAluAtion As PlAn scheme
          (i) Objective assessment of process and           The 10th Plan document pointed out that one
              impact of the development programmes,         of the most common reasons for the failure of
         (ii) Identifying the areas of success and failures programmes and schemes was the faulty and
              at different stages of administration and     incomplete design of the programme/projects/
              execution, and analysis of reasons for        scheme. Care and attention must be taken to
              success or failure,                           formulate programmes, projects and schemes in
        (iii) Examining extension methods and               a more systematic and professional manner. It is
              people’s reactions thereto and deriving       essential to strengthen the existing mechanisms for
              lessons for future improvement in the         monitoring and evaluation, in order to make sure
              formulation and implementation of the         that plans are being implemented as envisaged and
              new programmes/schemes.                       the impact is also as planned. The strategy proposed
                                                            above would definitely contribute to efficiency in
     orgAnisAtionAl structure                               resource use and improved performances of plan
     The PEO is primarily a field level organisation        programmes. But the evaluation capacity within
     under the overall charge of the Deputy Chairman,       and outside the government is limited. To make
     PC. It has a three-tier structure:                     evaluation, an effective tool for this, capabilities of
                                                            evaluation organisations will have to be enhanced.
     First Tier: At the apex is the Headquarters at
                                                            The ‘Working Group for Strengthening Monitoring
     the PC, which is responsible for evolving suitable
                                                            and Evaluation System’ set up (late 2012) by the PC
     methodologies, including statistical designs for
                                                            recommended to enhance the evaluation capacity
     various type of evaluation studies, organising
                                                            and incorporate evaluation in the Plan Scheme.
     execution and monitoring of sample surveys, data
     processing, statistical analysis and interpretation         The PEO also encourages State Evaluation
     of qualitative and quantitative data generated         Organisations (SEOs) to send the evaluation
     by the field units and also for bringing out the       reports to the PC so that these reports can also
     Evaluation Reports. The organisation is headed by      be put on the Internet (now, it may be sent to
     the Adviser (Evaluation).                              the NITI Aayog—a decision yet to be taken by
                                                            the government). By late 2014, the government
     Second Tier: The middle link of the PEO                decided to strengthen the PEO—further actions
     represents Regional Evaluation Offices, which          in this direction is awaited.
     are 7 in number located at Chandigarh, Chennai,
     Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow and                   nItI AAyoG
     Third Tier: The Field Units, known as Project          By mid-2014, India did show a quite strong
     Evaluation Offices constitute the third tier of        mandate and a very stable government came at the
     PEO. These are located in the capital cities of        Centre. We find the new government showing a
     8 major states of the country, viz., Guwahati,         renewed vigour and zeal in several areas. One such
     Bhubaneshwar, Shimla, Bangalore, Bhopal,               area has been its attempts at ‘redefining’ the federal
     Patna, Thrivananthapuram and Ahmedabad.                polity of the country for the purpose of promoting