5.50        ndian    onom
              institutes and researchers, selected on        Committee of Secretaries set up for the purpose
              competitive basis.                             has decided to strengthen the PEO, leaving the
         (iv) IEO will provide guidance to any agency        option of either absorbing the IEO under the
              or department of the government to             PEO or shutting down the institution.
              improve the quality of it’s self evaluation
              and monitoring system. Such support is            proGrAMME EVALuAtIon
              intended to bring all evaluations under           orGAnISAtIon
              a common internationally accepted
              methodology, help achieve better               The Programme Evaluation Organisation (PEO)
              development outcomes and encourage a           was established in October 1952, as an independent
              culture of learning in the government.         organisation, under the general guidance and
                                                             direction of the Planning Commission (PC)
          (v) Besides making available on it’s website
                                                             with a specific task of evaluating the community
              and other public avenues, its reports will
                                                             development programmes and other Intensive
              be submitted to the Parliament and the
                                                             Area Development Schemes. The evaluation set
              Prime Minister’s Office.
                                                             up was further strengthened by the development
         (vi) It will also make internationally              of methods and techniques of evaluation in the
              available findings from independently          1st Plan and setting up of evaluation machineries
              and professionally evaluated Indian            in the States during the 3rd (1961–66) and 4th
              programmes in the spirit of South-South        (1969–74) Plans. Gradually, with the extension
              learning and cooperation.                      of the programmes/schemes in a variety of sectors,
        (vii) IEO will represent India as it’s               viz., agricultural cooperation, rural industries,
              independent evaluation authority at            fisheries, health, family welfare, rural development,
              international forums on development            rural electrification, public distribution, tribal
              and effectiveness and will endeavour to        development, social forestry, etc., the evaluation
              improve India’s evaluation systems in line     work undertaken by the PEO was extended to
              with international best practices.             other important CSSs.
           The evaluations in areas such as the public             The broad functions of the PEO include
     distribution system and health issues were among        undertaking evaluation of selected programmes/
     the first to be undertaken by the IEO with              schemes under implementation, as per the
     MGNREGA and JNNURM were to follow later.                requirement of the various Divisions of the
           Meanwhile, early September 2014, the DG           PC, Central Ministries and Departments of the
     of the IEO was relieved from his services by the        Government of India. The evaluation studies are
     government, leaving the institution in a state of       designed to assess –
     limbo (with little clarity, as on date, over its future       (i) the performance,
     role). The debate on the IEO has been going on               (ii) the process of implementation,
     in the PMO questioning the creation of the new
                                                                 (iii) the effectiveness of the delivery systems,
     institution in the light of a similar body called the
     Programme Evaluation Organisation (PEO), which
     already exists in the Planning Commission. The              (iv) the impact of programmes.