lannin in ndia      5.49
                     Third-party evaluation by NITI                   the DG without any interference and will have its
                     Aayog.                                           independent budget.
          This way, with the commencement of the                           It is felt that the government programmes can
     new fiscal 2016–17, the long-drawn process of                    benefit enormously from concurrent independent
     restructuring the CSSs seems to have reached a                   evaluation. Presently concurrent evaluation is
     logical end.                                                     done by the concerned ministries as an on-going
                                                                      parallel process. Expert evaluation of programmes
        IndEpEndEnt EVALuAtIon oFFIcE                                 that have been in operation is done by the
                                                                      Programme Evaluation Organisation (PEO) of
     An Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) has                       the Planning Commission—the IEO is expected
     been created by the GoI in February 2014, at                     to strengthen this evaluation process. Main aims
     an arm’s distance from the government with the                   of the office is:
     objective of strengthening public accountability of                   (i) To help improve the effectiveness of
     some of the important social sector programmes,                             government policies and programmes by
     which account huge resource mobilisation such as                            assessing their impact and outcomes.
     the flagship programmes. Conceived on the lines                      (ii) To set guidelines and methodology for all
     of Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) of the                               evaluations done by various departments,
     IMF,103 the body has been created on the basis of                           and agencies and encourage a culture of
     international experiences, in cooperation with the                          openness and learning in government
     World Bank and the British DFID (Department                                 systems.
     for International Development)—It is modelled                       (iii) To connect India to the best international
     on the lines of Mexico’s National Council for the                           evaluated evidence in development
     Evaluation of Social Development Policy.                                    practice and knowledge to learn from
          The IEO will be an independent office                                  others success and mistakes.
     attached to the Planning Commission under                             Main features about the functioning of the
     a Governing Board chaired by the Deputy                          office may be summed-up as given below:
     Chairman of the Planning Commission. The                              (i) It will conduct independent evaluations
     IEO is to be funded by the Planning Commission                              of      plan       programmes—especially
     and will have, as its head, a full-time Director                            flagship programmes—and assess their
     General (Ajay Chhibber) in the rank and status                              effectiveness, relevance and impact.
     of Member of the Planning Commission / Union                                Besides, it has the freedom to conduct
     Minister of State. The DG has a tenure of 3 years                           independent evaluations on any
     extendable to 5 years. Its staff will be selected by                        programme which has access to public
      103.  An Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) functions in
                                                                                 funding or implicit or explicit guarantees
            the International Monetary Fund (IMF) since 2001,                    from the government.
            which conducts independent and objective evaluations
            of Fund’s policies and activities. Under its Terms of
                                                                          (ii) The work programme of the IEO will
            Reference, it is fully independent from the Management               be prepared through an open process of
            of the IMF and operates at arm’s length from the Board of            consultations, including feedback from
            Executive Directors with the following three missions—
            (i) Enhancing the learning culture within the Fund,                  civil society and will be made public.
            (ii) Strengthening the Fund’s external credibility, and      (iii) The IEO will prepare the Terms of
            (iii) Supporting institutional governance and oversight
            (Source: Independent Evaluation Office, IMF, Washington              Reference for all independent evaluations,
            DC, 2014).                                                           which will be conducted by selected