5.48        ndian     onom
     csss restructureD                                        rationalised and restructured into 30 schemes.
                                                              This will avoid overlapping of expenditure,
     For the 12th Plan period (2012–17) the existing
                                                              provide visibility and impact. The major features
     137 CSSs were restructured into 66 schemes,
                                                              of the restructuring are as given below:
     including the 17 flagship programmes. The
     government had set up an expert Committee                             The CSSs have been divided into —
     (Chaired by B. K. Chaturvedi, member of the                            Core and Optional schemes.
     erstwhile Planning Commission) for the purpose                        The new expenditure sharing pattern
     which submitted its report by late-2011.                               for the Core Schemes is—for 8 North
          The 14th FC recommended that sector-specific                      Eastern (NE) states and 3 Himalayan
                                                                            states 90:10; for other States 60:40
     transfers from the Union to the states/UTs should
                                                                            (Centre:States) and for UTs 100 per
     be confined to sectors like education, health,
                                                                            cent to be borne by the Centre.
     drinking water and sanitation. However, in view
     of the preponderance of CSSs being interventions                      For Optional Schemes the expenditure
     in key sectors of national importance, the Gol                         sharing pattern is—for 8 NE and 3
     kept 50 of the 66 ongoing CSSs in the Union                            Himalayan states 80:20; for other
                                                                            states 50:50 (Centre:States) and for
     Budget 2015-16. The balance were in the process
                                                                            the UTs 100 per cent to be borne by
     of being either taken into the Central Sector, or
                                                                            the Centre.
     reformulated as new Umbrella Schemes or were
     transferred to the states. The CSSs funds are                         Amongst the Core Schemes, those for
     released as central assistance to state plans which                    social protection and social inclusion
     are routed through the states’ budgets (new method                     should form the Core of the Core
     as per the Union Budget 2014–15). This provides                        and be the first charge on available
                                                                            funds for the National, Development
     greater autonomy, authority and responsibility to
     the states in implementation of the schemes.
                                                                           Funds for Optional Schemes would
          In March 2015, to rationalise the CSSs,
                                                                            be allocated to the states by the
     a Sub-Group of Chief Ministers was set up in
                                                                            Ministry of Finance as a lump sum,
     pursuance of the decision taken by the Governing
                                                                            and states would be free to choose
     Council of the NITI Aayog. The guiding principles
                                                                            which Optional Schemes they wish
     of the sub-group was defined as—the Union and                          to implement. In such schemes,
     the states/UTs to work as Team India in the spirit                     states have been given the flexibility
     of ‘Cooperative Federalism’ towards realisation                        of portability of funds to any other
     of the goals of VISION 2022 when India will                            CSSs.
     celebrate the 75th year of Independence. The
                                                                           Henceforth, the CSSs will come up
     broad objectives of the VISION are:
                                                                            only in key identified sectors which
               (i) Providing basic amenities to all                         comprise the National Development
                   citizens in an equitable and just                        Agenda (to be decided by the NITI
                   manner for ensuring a life with self-                    Aayog, in co-ordination with its
                   respect and dignity, and                                 Governing Council).
              (ii) Providing appropriate opportunities                     NITI Aayog to have concurrent
                   to every citizen to realize her potential.               jurisdiction in monitoring of the
          Accordingly, as per the Union Budget                              schemes in the states and Central
     2016–17, the existing 50 CSSs have been                                ministries.