lannin in ndia      5.39
     comes from a government that has been battling               the society. It means, the growth process during
     a spate of corruption scandals—ranging from those            reforms was not able to include a big segment
     in the telecom sector to Commonwealth Games                  of the Indian population. In this backdrop, we
     and criticism over poor governance standards and             see the government adopting a conscious policy
     inability to push through critical decisions.101             towards ‘inclusive growth’. Even before reforms
          The Economic Survey 2012–13 suggested a                 commenced in the country, this element was
     new objective for the Planning Commission—                   lacking. But during reforms it became more
     the global economic and financial crisis which               glaring due to the higher pace of growth which the
     has persisted for the last five years has not only           economy attained during this period. Though the
     exposed the vulnerability of almost all the                  government started attending to this issue since
     countries over the globe to external shocks, but             2000–01 itself, it was given real attention in the
     also has lessons for the planning process, viz.,             11th Plan (2007–12), where we see a clear policy
     countries need to have inbuilt social safety nets            evolving towards the idea of inclusive growth in
     for facing such eventualities, which affect the              the country—‘including the disadvantaged and
     weak and vulnerable the most, and wipe out the               marginalised sections of the society, specially,
     fruits of growth for years. India with its focus on          SCs, STs, OBCs, Minorities and Women’ in the
     inclusive development and timely interventions               processes of growth and development. By the 12th
     has, however, been able to weather the crisis better         Plan (2012–17), the focus increased when we see
     than many other countries.102                                the issue of inclusiveness entering into the very
                                                                  slogan of the Plan—‘Faster, Sustainable and More
        IncLuSIVE GroWth                                          Inclusive Growth’. During the course of time, we
                                                                  see the government evolving a clear short-term and
     Inclusive growth is a growth process which                   long-term policy towards the cause of inclusive
     yields broad-based benefits and ensures equality             growth.
     of opportunity for all (UNDP and the 11th
     Plan). Fundamentally, the ideas of growth and                short-term Policy
     development already include the element of
                                                                  This policy is aimed at supplying those goods and
     ‘inclusiveness’ in them, but at times, due to
                                                                  services to the disadvantaged and marginalised
     certain reasons, the processes might occur in non-
                                                                  sections of society which are bare minimum and
     inclusive manner.
                                                                  are essential in nature. Several Central Sector
          It was in 2000–01 that the Government of                Schemes and Centrally Sponsored Schemes are
     India came to think clearly about ‘inclusiveness’            run by the governments for this purpose. This
     in the economy, while reviewing the performance              policy touches the areas like:
     of the economic reforms. It was found that the
                                                                           Food and nutrition (Annapurna,
     reform process enabled economy towards faster
                                                                           Antodaya, Mid-Day Meal, and the last
     and higher ‘wealth creation’, but all could not
                                                                           being National Food Security Act, etc.);
     be part of it. Only the people with resources
     (physical or human) were able to get benefits out                     Healthcare and sanitation (National
     of the reforming economy. It was assessed that                        Health Mission, Total Sanitation
     the fruits of reforms could not percolate to the                      Campaign,          ASHA,          Mission
     disadvantaged and marginalised sections of                            Indradhanush, and the last being Swachh
                                                                           Bharat Abhiyan, etc.);
      101.  Economic Survey 2011-12, MoF, GoI, N. Delhi, p. 30.            Housing (Indira Aawas Yojana, Rajiv
      102.  Ministry of Finance, Economic Survey 2012–13, p. 269.
                                                                           Aawas Yojana, etc.);