lannin in ndia              5.29
     Minister’s Office, had advised to wrap it up as it              comprehensively revised and issued in November
     has outlived its utility. While the PMO decided                 2005. Its performance has improved due to pro-
     to ‘restructure’ it on the recommendations of                   active policy initiatives, focus monitoring and
     the Inter-Ministerial Group, which is presently                 review.87
     working on it. It should be noted that the                           In recent years, many criticisms of the scheme
     Government has restructured the existing 50                     came to the public notice, which concerned either
     Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSSs) into 30                      misappropriation of the funds or non-use of the
     under the active participation of the Governing                 funds, especially from the backward states. The
     Council of the NITI Aayog.
                                                                     people’s representative at the PRI level have been
     c. MpLAdS                                                       demanding scrapping of the scheme as it infringes
                                                                     the idea of decentralised planning. In it’s place,
     The Member of Parliament Local Area                             they want the funds to be given to the local bodies
     Development Scheme (MPLADS) is the last of                      directly for the same kind of works specified by
     the Central Plans and latest to have been launched,
                                                                     the MPLADS.88
     too. The scheme was launched on December 23,
     1993 with only Rs. 5 lakh given to each MPs                          In May 2014, MOSPI issued the revised
     which was increased to Rs. 1 crore in the year                  guidelines for the scheme which is simple, clear
     1994–95. When the MPs did put a demand to                       and understandable to all concerned. The fine
     increase the sum to Rs. 5 crore in 1997–98, finally             points of the guidelines are as given below:
     the government enhanced it to Rs. 2 crore since                          It provides not only the list of prohibited
     1998–99. In April 2011 the corpus was enhanced                           items under the scheme, but also that of
     to Rs. 5 crore while announcing the new guidelines                       permissible items.
     for the scheme.                                                          In order to encourage trusts and societies to
          Basically, in the early 1990s there came                            work for the betterment of tribal people,
     a demand from the MPs cutting across party                               the ceiling of Rs. 50 lakh, stipulated for
     lines for such a scheme so that the fruits of                            building assets by trusts and societies
     development could directly reach the masses                              in areas occupied by tribals, has been
     via their representatives. The government of the                         enhanced to Rs. 75 lakh.
     time decided to go in for such a scheme and the                          Further, to promote cooperative
     MPLADS came.
                                                                              movement and rural development, the
          Under this scheme the Members of                                    Cooperative Societies have also been
     Parliament86 recommend some works (i.e.,                                 made eligible under the MPLAD Scheme.
     creation of fixed community assets, based
                                                                              The abandoned or suspended MPLAD
     on locally felt developmental needs) to the
                                                                              work to be completed by the states.
     concerned District Magistrate. The scheme is
     governed by a set of guidelines, which have been                         Natural and man-made calamities can
                                                                              also be allocated funds under it.
       86.  For development works the MP, Lower House (the
            Lok Sabha) may select one or more districts of his/her     87.  As the Government reports in Publications Division, India
            constituency; the MP, Upper House (the Rajya Sabha)             2007, pp. 711–12.
            may select any one or more districts from his/her          88.  We may especially quote the ‘21 Point Memorandum’
            constituency (i.e., a state or an UT); and the nominated        handed over by the All India Panchayat Adhyakshas
            MPs may select any one or more districts from their             Meet, mid-2002, N. Delhi to the President and the Central
            constituency (i.e., the whole country).                         Government of the time.