lannin in ndia         5.17
           (i) The Central Plans were to be launched                    Governments and the Central Government for
                 in the states and the UTs with the                     all the tasks of national development”. In the
                 participation of the state-level personnel.            words of Nehru, setting up of the NDC may be
                 The Planning Commission was not                        regarded as one of the most significant steps taken
                 provided with its own implementation                   for promoting understanding and consultation
                 staff (though the PC was given the                     between the Union and the State Governments
                 responsibility of plan implementation)                 on planning and common economic policies.
                 for this purpose. Therefore, the consent                     Considering the recommendations of the
                 and co-operation of these federal units                ‘Administrative Reforms Commission’, the NDC
                 was a must.                                            was reconstituted and its functions redefined
         (ii) Economic planning as a concept had                        by a Cabinet Resolution on October 7, 1967.
                 its origin in the centralised system (i.e.,            The reconstituted NDC comprises the Prime
                 Soviet Union). For India, to democratise/              Minister, all Union Cabinet Ministers, Chief
                 decentralise the very process of planning              Ministers of all States and Union Territories and
                 was not a lesser task/challenge than                   the Members of the Planning Commission. Delhi
                 promoting development itself. Indian                   Administration is represented in the Council
                 planning is rightly said to be a process               by the Lt. Governor and the Chief Executive
                 of trial and error in striking a balance               Councillor, and the remaining Union Territories
                 between liberty and progress, central                  by their respective Administrators. Other Union
                 control and private initiative and national            Ministers and State Ministers may also be invited
                 planning with local authority.61                       to participate in the deliberations of the council.
                 The setting up of the NDC can be                       In the reconstituted Council, the Secretary of the
                 considered as a step towards decentralised             Planning Commission acts as Secretary to the
                 planning.                                              NDC and the Planning Commission is expected
        (iii) In the constitutional design of the federal               to furnish such administrative or other assistance
                 rigidities it was necessary to provide the             for the work of the Council as may be needed.
                 whole planning process a unified outlook.              The basic nature, origin and legal status of the
                 The NDC serves the purpose of diluting                 Council are similar to the Planning Commission.
                 the autonomous and rigid federal units of              The revised functions63 of the NDC are:
                 the Union of India.62                                        (i) to consider the proposals formulated for
          The NDC initially comprised the Prime                                     Plans at all important stages and accept
     Minister of India (de facto Chairman), the Chief                               them;
     Ministers of all States and the Members of the                          (ii) to review the working of the Plans from
     Planning Commission. In the first meeting of the                               time to time;
     NDC held on November 8–9, 1952, Jawaharlal                            (iii) to consider the important questions of
     Nehru stated that NDC is “essentially a forum                                  social and economic policy affecting
     for intimate cooperation between the State                                     national development; and
       61.    Publications Divisions, The Gazetteer of India, p. 10.
                                                                            (iv) to recommend measures for the
       62.    The Advisory Planning Board (1946) set up by the Interim              achievement of the aims and targets set out
              Government had suggested for such a consultative body
              with the representatives from the provinces, the princely   63.    Other than the Cabinet Resolution, it is also quoted
              states and some other interests to advise the Planning             is The Gazetteer of India (Publications Divsion, The
              Commission for the success of planning in India.                   Gazetteer of India, p. 15).