lannin in ndia         5.11
              NREGP—being launched by the UPA                               reforms, promoting inter-caste marriages,
              Government in 2006 by passing an Act                          etc., do not fall under the purview of the
              in the Parliament—the matter has started                      Planning Commission.
              attracting such high political concern).                (v) Self-reliance: During the 1930s and
       (iii) Employment Generation: Providing                               1940s, there was an ardent desire among
              employment to the poor has been the                           the nationalists, capitalists and the NPC
              best tool of economics to alleviate                           for making the economy self-reliant in
              poverty. Thus, this objective of planning                     all economic sphere. Self-reliance was
              in India comes naturally once it commits                      defined not as autarchy, but as an effort
              itself to alleviate poverty. Employment                       to strike against a subordinate position
              generation in India has been, therefore,                      in the world economy. As Jawaharlal
              part and parcel of the objective of poverty                   Nehru asserted: self-reliance, “does not
              alleviation in India. General programmes                      exclude international trade, which should
              and schemes have been launched by                             be encouraged but with a view to avoid
              the governments from time to time in                          economic imperialism.”37 India still
              this direction, some based on the wage                        strives for self-reliance in every field of the
              employments still, others based on self-                      economy, as well as serving the realities of
              employment.                                                   higher interdependence in the globalising
       (iv) Controlling Economic Inequality:                                world post-World Trade Organisation
              There were visible economic inequalities                      (WTO).
              in India at the inter-personal as well as              (vi) Modernisation:            Modernising         the
              at the intra-personal levels. Economic                        traditional economy was set as a foremost
              planning as a tool of checking all kinds of                   objective of planning. Specially, the
              economic disparities and inequalities was                     agriculture sector of the economy needed
              an accepted idea by the time India started                    an immediate inclusion of modern
              planning.36 To fulfil this objective of                       methods and techniques of farming
              planning the governments have enacted                         dairying, etc. Similarly, in education too,
              highly innovative economic policies at                        India needs to go for inclusion of modern
              times even inviting a tussle with regard to                   education system.
              the Fundamental Rights enshrined in the                   India did not miss the chance of accepting the
              Constitution.                                       importance of modern science and technology. As
                   Though Indian Planning has socio-              the economy had selected industry as its prime
              economic objectives to fulfil, only                 moving force (PMF), it was essential to adopt the
              economic planning was made a part                   changing dimensions of science and technology.
              of the planning process (technically                      The major objectives of planning in India are
              speaking) and social planning (better               not only broad but open-ended. That is why it
              called social engineering) was left to the          hardly needed any change and modification with
              political process. That is why reservation          changing times. It means, after the completion
              in government jobs and admissions in                of one plan the objectives for the new plan are
              premier academic institutions, land                 automatically set. Coming to the composition of
      36.   Duely discussed by the NPC as well as the Constituent   37.   National Planning Committee Report; Also Nehru in
            Assembly.                                                     The Discovery of India.