5.10       ndian    onom
            unemployment and providing a material                           While the Ninth Plan (1997–2002)
            base for a self-reliant economy.”                               was being launched, it was announced
       (vi) It will be highly needful to enquire about                      that “The goals of planning in India,
            the objectives of planning in the era of the                    which were set by Panditji have not
            economic reforms initiated in the fiscal                        changed. The Ninth Plan does not
            1991–92 as this new economic policy                             attempt to reinvent the wheel. At the
            (NEP) made the experts and economists                           same time, the goals and targets this
            to conclude many questionable things                            Plan attempts to achieve are based on
            about the objectives of planning in the                         the lessons of experience including
            country:                                                        the Eighth Plan. They address today’s
                                                                            problems and challenges and try to
            (a) The need to shift dependence from
                                                                            prepare the nation for tomorrow as
                wage to self-employment.
            (b) The state is rolling back and the
                                                               Finally, a broad consensus looks evolving
                economy is becoming pro-private and
                                                         through the process of planning and crystallising
                sector-wise the social purpose of the
                                                         on the six major objectives of planning35 in India
                planning will be lacking.
                                                         which are as follows:
            (c) The objectives of planning nearly
                                                               (i) Economic Growth: Sustained increase in
                outlined hitherto have been blurred.
                                                                      the levels of production in the economy
            (d) The promotion of foreign investment                   is among the foremost objectives of
                will induce the economy into the                      planning in India, which continues till
                perils of neo-imperialism, etc.                       date and will be so in future, without any
                 But all the above-given doubts were                  iota of doubt in it.
            cleared by the forthcoming plans in              (ii) Poverty Alleviation: Poverty alleviation
            straightforward words. We may quote                       was the most important issue which
            from the following plans:                                 polarised the members of the NPC as
                 “For      the     future    economic                 well as the Constituent Assembly that a
                 development, the economy will                        highly emphatic decision in favour of a
                 be more dependent upon private                       planned economy evolved even before
                 participation and the nature of                      Independence. Several programmes
                 planning will become more indicative                 have been launched in India directing
                 with the major objectives of planning                the cause of poverty alleviation by
                 remaining the same”. This was                        all the governments till date and the
                 announced by the government while                    process continues even today with more
                 launching the economic reforms                       seriousness (we see the National Rural
                 (July 23, 1991) and commencing the                   Employment Guarantee Programme—
                 Eighth Five Year Plan (1992–97).
                                                           34.    Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission, May 1999.
                 “There was no change in the basic                It is interesting to note here that the composition of the
                 objectives of planning even though               polity in the Centre was dominated by the BJP, while
                 there was change in instruments of               the Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission was K.C.
                                                                  Pant (an old congress man)—continuity in the basic
                 policy”—this was announced by the                ideas and objectives of planning being maintained.
                 government while announcing the           35.    Publications Division, India (New Delhi: Government of
                 new economic policy (1991).                      India, various years).