C h a p t e rlannin             in ndia
                                                                                       Planning in
                          For the first eight Plans the emphasis was on a growing public sector with
                     massive investments in basic and heavy industries, but since the launch of the
                     Ninth Plan in 1997, the emphasis on the public sector has become less pronounced
                     and the current thinking on planning in the country, in general, is that it should
                          increasingly be of an indicative nature.*
     In This Chapter...
     ‰ Introduction                                                       ‰ A Critical Evaluation
     ‰ Background                                                         ‰ Inclusive Growth
     ‰ Major Objectives of Planning                                       ‰ Resource Mobilisation
     ‰ Planning Commission                                                ‰ Investment Models
     ‰ National Development Council                                       ‰ Central Sector Schemes and Centrally
     ‰ Central Planning                                                        Sponsored Schemes
     ‰ Multi-Level Planning                                               ‰ Independent Evaluation Office
     ‰ Way to Decentralised Planning                                      ‰ Programme Evaluation Organisation
     ‰ The Planning Commission & The Finance                              ‰ NITI Aayog
          Commission                                                      ‰ Recent Developments
      * Planning Commission, ‘An Overview of Planning in India’, GoI, N. Delhi, 2013.