ntrod    tion    1.21
            banks, and subsidies for providing             (v) Improved coverage of activities of local
            insurance to households at lower rates].            bodies and autonomous institutions,
      (iii) Comprehensive coverage of the corporate             covering around 60 per cent of the grants/
            sector both in manufacturing and services           transfers provided to these institutions.
            by incorporation of annual accounts of
            companies as filed with the Ministry of      incomE EstimatEs for 2017–18
            Corporate Affairs (MCA) under their
                                                      Major data estimates related to India’s national
            e-governance initiative, MCA21. Use
                                                      income for the financial year 2017-18 (as per the
            of MCA21 database for manufacturing
                                                      Economic Survey 2017-18, Vol. 2) are as given below:
            companies has helped in accounting
            for activities other than manufacturing         (i) GDP (Gross Domestic Product) at
            undertaken by these companies.                      constant market prices is likely to be Rs.
                                                                129.85 lakh crore with a growth rate of
      (iv) Comprehensive coverage of the financial
                                                                6.5 per cent (down from 7.1 per cent of
            sector by inclusion of information from
            the accounts of stock brokers, stock                2016-17).
            exchanges, asset management companies,         (ii) GVA (Gross Value Added) at constant
            mutual funds and pension funds, and                 basic prices is estimated to be Rs. 118.71
            the regulatory bodies including the                 lakh crore with a growth rate of 6.1 per
            Securities and Exchange Board of India              cent (down from 6.6 per cent of 2016-17).
            (SEBI), Pension Fund Regulatory and           (iii) PCI (Per Capita Income) at current prices
            Development Authority (PFRDA) and                   (2017-18) is estimated to be Rs.1,11,782
            Insurance Regulatory and Development                (around 6.1 per cent higher than 2016-17
            Authority (IRDA).                                   when it was Rs. 1,03,219).