71. Which one of the following terms is not associated with information technology? [UPPCS (Pre) 2001]
    (a) Cyber space
    (b) Upload
    (c) Light storage
    (d) Modem
Ans: (c)
72. The fastest computer of the world is: [UP Lower (Sub) 1998]
    (a) T-3A
    (b) Yenha-3
    (c) Param-10,000
    (d) J-8
Ans: (a)
73. What is Anupam? [CPO, AC 1994]
    (a) a research Institute
    (b) a super computer
    (c) a newly designed missile
    (d) a computer software
Ans: (b)
74. A supercomputer Param has been developed and designed in India by: [RAS/RTS 1992]
    (a) C - DAC, Pune
    (b) lIT, Kanpur
    (c) BARC, Mumbai
    (d) lIT, Delhi
Ans: (a)
75. The smallest unit of computer data is- [IAS (Pre) 1987]
    (a) byte
    (b) bit
    (c) record
    (d) file
Ans: (b)
76. The Michele Anjelo Virus is : [MBA Entrance R. U. 1994]
    (a) a cancerous virus
    (b) a cancer protective virus
    (c) viruses spread in rats
    (d) a computer virus
Ans: (d)
77. Which one of the following is applicable to all the computers? [MBA Entrance AMU 1995]
    (a) BASIC
    (b) COBOL
    (c) Machine language
    (d) FORTRAN
Ans: (c)
78. The APPLE is : [MPPCS (Pre) 1993]
    (a) a fruit
    (b) a computer of fourth generation
    (c) a computer network
    (d) a computer language
Ans: (b)
79. The system which transforms the data into impulses and these impulses are sent from a terminal to a computer
    and from a computer to a terminal in a compressed way is called:
    (a) Magnetic disc
    (b) Micro computer
    (c) CD-ROM
    (d) Modem
Ans: (b)
80. The fastest computer of the world which would follow the working mechanism of the human"s brain is :
    (a) Supercomputer
    (b) Quantum computer
    (c) Param -10,000
    (d) IBM chips
Ans: (b)