Ans: (a)
51. The first computer which had been fabricated and developed in India is-
    (a) Sidhartha
    (b) Param
    (c) Megha
    (d) Cyber
Ans: (a)
52. Microsoft is an :
    (a) institution where microchip is prepared
    (b) institution where the softwares are developed
    (c) institution of micro engineering
    (d) institution where the hardwares are developed
Ans: (b)
53. The word MBis used for: [Uttrakhand PCS (Pre) 2008]
    (a) Magnetic Bits
    (b) Mega Bytes
    (c) Mega Bits
    (d) None of these
Ans: (b)
54. Which one of the following is a computer virus- [UPPCS (Pre) 2010]
    (a) Fungi
    (b) Bacteria
    (c) IC 7344
    (d) Software program
Ans: (d)
55. Which one of the following is called Information Gateway:
    (a) E-mail
    (b) Pager
    (c) Cellulor phone
    (d) Internet
Ans: (d)
56. Who is called the father of E-mail?
    (a) Bill Gates
    (b) Timothy Bill
    (c) Linkan Golitsberg
    (d) Rey Tomlinson
Ans: (d)
57. The first computer in India was installed at :
    (a) lIT Delhi in 1973
    (b) IISC Banglore in 1971
    (c) IISCO in 1965
    (d) ISO Kolkata in 1955
Ans: (d)
58. Which one of the following is permitted under the Bluetooth technology? [CDS 2010]
    (a) Wireless communication between the equipments
    (b) Only Signal transmission on the mobile phones
    (c) Mobile phone communication through landline
    (d) Satellite television communication
Ans: (a)
59. Through which one of the following the speed of the processor of the computer is measured? [SSC Graduate Level
    (a) BPS
    (b) MIPS
    (c) BOO
    (d) Hz
Ans: (b)
60. The full form of www is:
    (a) web working window
    (b) window word wide
    (c) world wide web
    (d) world working web