(b) Chip
    (c) Magnetic tape
    (d) None of these
Ans: (b)
11. Who developed the integrated circuit chip?
    (a) C. V.Raman
    (b) Robert Nayak
    (c) J. S. Kilby
    (d) Charles Babbage
Ans: (c)
12. The layer on the integrated circuit chip (IC) is made of :
    (a) Silicon
    (b) Nickel
    (c) Iron
    (d) Copper
Ans: (a)
13. The layer of the magnetic disc is made of :
    (a) Iron oxide
    (b) Phosphorus penta oxide
    (c) Magnesium oxide
    (d) Sodium peroxide
Ans: (a)
14. The length of the word through which computer does the measurement:
    (a) Byte
    (b) Bit
    (c) Meter
    (d) Milimeter
Ans: (b)
15. Which one of the following is measured in Megabyte:
    (a) Intensity of the earthquake
    (b) Population density
    (c) The capacity of power expenditure
    (d) The memory power of the computer
Ans: (d)
16. The process of carrying out commands is called: [MPPCS (Pre) 2011]
    (a) Fetching
    (b) Storing
    (c) Decoding
    (d) Executing
Ans: (d)
17. One kilobyte (1 KB)is equivalent to :
    (a) 1000 byte
    (b) 1024 byte
    (c) 10000 byte
    (d) 100000 byte
Ans: (b)
18. Which of the following is not a search engine? [MPPCS (Pre) 2011]
    (a) Google
    (b) Altavista
    (c) Science direct
    (d) Orkeet
Ans: (c)
19. The memory word of the computer is associated with:
    (a) Logic
    (b) Control
    (c) Input
    (d) Storage
Ans: (d)
20. Computer hardware which can store very large amount of datas is called:
    (a) magnetic tape
    (b) disc