1GL     First-Generation Programming Language                  DTP     Desktop Publishing
2GL     Second-Generation Programming Language                 DVD     Digital Versatile Disc
3GL     Third-Generation Programming Language                  EDSAC   Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator
4GL     Fourth-Generation Programming Language                 EDVAC   Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer
5GL     Fifth-Generation Programming Language                  EXE     EXEcutable
ABC     Atanasoft Berry Computer                               EXT     EXTended file system
AC      Alternating Current                                    FLOPS   FLoating-Point Operations Per Second
AI      Artificial Intelligence                                FTP     File Transfer Protocol
ALGOL   Algorithmic Language                                   FXP     File eXchange Protocol
ALU     Arithmetic and Logical Unit                            Gb      Gigabit
ANSI    American National Standards Institute                  GB      Gigabyte
ARPANET                                                        HDD     Hard Disk Drive
        Advanced Research Projects Agency Network              HCL     Hardware Compatibility List
ASCII   American Standard Code for Information                 HP      Hewlett-Packard
                                                               HTML    Hypertext Markup Language
ATM     Asynchronous Transfer Mode
                                                               HTTP    Hypertext Transfer Protocol
BASIC   Beginner"s All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
                                                               IBM     International Business Machines
BINAC   Binary Automatic Computer
                                                               IC      Integrated Circuit
BIOS    Basic Input Output System
                                                               IM      Instant Messaging
CAD     Computer-Aided Design
                                                               I/O     Input/Output
CAT      Computer-Aided Translation
                                                               IP      Internet Protocol
CD      Compact Disc
                                                               IS      Information Systems
CDMA    Code Division Multiple Access
                                                               ISDN    Integrated Services Digital Network
CLR     Common Language Runtime
                                                               IT      Information Technology
COBOL   Common Business-Oriented Language
                                                               Kb      Kilobit
CPU     Central Processing Unit
                                                               KB      Kilobyte
CRT     Cathode Ray Tube
                                                               LAN     Local Area Network
CU      Central Unit
                                                               LCD     Liquid Crystal Display
DARPA   Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
                                                               MAC     Mandatory Access Control
DAT     Digital Audio Tape
                                                               MAN     Metropolitan Area Network
DBMS    Database Management System
                                                               Mb      Megabit
DDR     Double Data Rate
                                                               MB      Megabyte
DLL     Dynamic Link Library
                                                               NAS     Network-Attached Storage
DNS     Domain Name System
                                                               OLE     Object Linking and Embedding
DOS     Disk Operating System
                                                               OLED    Organic Light Emitting Diode