Other parts of Computer are Floppy disk drive,        Software
CD and DVD ROM drive, SMPS - Switched-
mode Power supply                                     It is collection of computer programs,
                                                      procedures, and documentation that perform
INPUT DEVICES used to provide data and                some task on a computer system.
instructions to the computer. An input device is
any hardware device that sends data to the            Types of Software
computer. e.g. Keyboard, Mouse, Trackball,
Joystick, Light Pen, Touch pad, Touch Screen,         Application software (application or app), is
Scanner, Optical Character Recognition                designed to help the user to perform specific
(OCR), Optical Mark Reader (OMR), Bar Code            tasks. e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome,
Reader, Magnetic-ink Character Recognition            Tally, Microsoft Office, Media Player, etc.
(MICR), Microphone, Webcam
                                                      Programming software includes tools in the
OUTPUT DEVICES are capable of                         form of programs or applications that software
representing information on a computer. These         developers use to create, debug, maintain, or
devices receive information from the CPU and          otherwise support other programs and
present it to the user in the desired form. e.g.      applications. e.g. Java, Lisp, Pascal, Object
Monitor, Printer, Plotter, Screen Image               Pascal, Ada, BASIC, C, C++, C#, COBOL,
Projector, Sound card & Computer Speakers             FORTRAN, etc.
Hardware                                              System software is designed to operate the
                                                      computer hardware to provide basic
It is a device, such as a hard drive, that is         functionality and to provide a platform for
physically connected to the computer or               running application software. e.g. Windows 7,
something that can be physically touched. e.g.        Audio driver, Anti-virus, Win RAR, VGA,
All Computer Components are hardware such             LAN Driver, etc.
as CD-ROM, computer display monitor,
printer, and video card, etc.
                           PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE
A programming language such as C, FORTRAN, or Pascal that enables a programmer to write
programs that are more or less independent of a particular type of computer.
Types of Programming Language are Low Level Languages and High Level Languages
Low Level Languages                                   High Level Languages
It provides little or no abstraction from a           It is a programming language with strong
computer"s instruction set architecture. There        abstraction from the details of the computer. In
are two types of low level languages: Machine         the 1960s, high-level programming languages
Language (Machine Code) and Assembly                  using a compiler were commonly called
Language.                                             autocodes. e.g. BASIC (Beginners All Purpose
                                                      Symbolic Instruction Code), FORTRAN
Machine Language referred to as machine
                                                      (Formula Translation), PL/I (Programming
code or object code, is a collection of binary
                                                      Language, Version 1), ALGOL (Algorithmic
digits or bits that the computer reads and
                                                      Language),       COBOL (Common Business
                                                      Oriented Language), RPG (Report Program
Assembly       Language       uses    structured      Generator), C, C++, Java, etc.
commands as substitution of numbers, allowing
humans to read and interprets.