Supercomputers of India
             Site                                                                      Name
             Indian Institute of Science                                               SahasraT (SERC - Cray XC40)
             Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology                                  Aaditya (iDataPlex DX360M4)
             Tata Institute of Fundamental Research                                    TIFR - Cray XC30
             Indian Institute of Technology Delhi                                      HP Apollo 6000 Xl230/250
             Centre for Development of Advanced Computing                              PARAM Yuva - II
             Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur                                     Cluster Platform SL230s Gen8
             CSIR Centre for Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation            Cluster Platform 3000 BL460c Gen8
             National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting                      iDataPlex DX360M4
             IT Services Provider                                                      Cluster Platform SL250s Gen8
             Network Company                                                           Cluster Platform 3000 BL460c Gen8
             IT Services Provider                                                      Cluster Platform SL210T
                                    Top 10 Super Computer of World as on 2015
         Rank        System           Site and (Manufactured Company)                                     Country      Year
         1           Sunway           National Supercomputing Center in Wuxi                              China        2016
         2           Tianhe-2         National Supercomputing Center in Guangzhou (NUDT)                  China        2013
         3           Titan            Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Cray Inc.)                           USA          2012
         4           Sequoia          Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (IBM)                        USA          2013
         5           K computer       RIKEN (Fujitsu)                                                     Japan        2011
         6           Mira             Argonne National Laboratory (IBM)                                   USA          2013
         7           Trinity          DOE/NNSA/LANL/SNL (Cray Inc.)                                       USA          2015
         8           Piz Daint        Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (Cray Inc.)                    Switzerland  2013
         9           Hazel Hen        HLRS (Cray Inc.)                                                    Germany      2015
         10          Shaheen II       King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Cray Inc.)      Saudi        2015
              In this Table ‘Year’ is the year of installation/last major update
              All the above Super computers have Linux Operating System.
                               COMPONENTS OF COMPUTER
   Monitor - A monitor displays information                                     RAM (Random Access Memory) is
    in visual form, using text and graphics.                                      known as Primary Storage/Memory. It is a
   Keyboard - A keyboard is used mainly for                                      form of computer data storage. Types :
    typing text into your computer.                                               DRAM (Dynamic RAM) - (e.g., DDR
   Mouse - A mouse is a small device used to                                     SDRAM), SRAM (Static RAM)
    point to and select items on your computer                                   ROM (Read only memory) is a class of
    screen.                                                                       storage medium used in computers and
   System Unit - A system unit is the                                            other electronic devices. ROM chips
    enclosure that contains the main                                              contain data, instructions or information
    components of a computer.                                                     that is recorded permanently. It contains the
                                                                                  basic input/output system. Types : PROM
System Unit - Components                                                          - Programmable ROM, EPROM - Erasable
                                                                                  programmable ROM, EEPROM -
   Motherboard also referred to as system-                                       Electrically erasable programmable ROM.
    board or main-board, is the primary circuit                                  Hard Disk Drive (HDD), hard disk, hard
    board within a personal computer.                                             drive or fixed disk is a data storage device
   Central Processing Unit (CPU) is that                                         used for storing and retrieving digital
    part of a computer which executes software                                    information using one or more rigid
    program instructions. It is known as the                                      ("hard") rapidly rotating disks (platters)
    Brain of the Computer. All the                                                coated with magnetic material. Types :
    computations are really performed by it.                                      External HDD and Internal HDD.